Sunday, 30 July 2017


Internalisation of depression and defeatism into Black & Brown Radicalism

When we look back and reflect and talk about the legacies and histories of the anti-colonial anti-imperialist resistance and victories of the last century and more we see and feel concepts and images that are empowering, liberating, full of revolutionary determination and sacrifice, defiance and courage, political terms like 'Black Power', 'Bolshevik', 'freedom fighters', 'Resistance', Intifada, Inqilab: these are all brazenly positive things as well as the endless personification of all these things that inspire us.

Of course there is also another side of trauma, hurt, loss, pain, torture of profound proportions, and these things need focus and healing and not to be shunted. And while we do enjoy those positive liberating concepts, peoples and martyrs, concepts and ideologies and legacies, I am not sure that we are really implementing hardly any of this in actuality in our struggles today.

Reflecting on many things including #Grenfell, including the police killings of our peoples, and especially the destruction of Libya, Iraq and Yemen in recent years and the near total absence of solidarity with these peoples and Homelands of ours, I see a clear political defeatism and depression that seems to have become embedded.

When one of our brothers is killed by the pigs, its like we are on auto-pilot to get understandably very upset, traumatised and emotional, but we also seem to accept from the outset that while we might chant 'no justice no peace', actually the enemy the british state is at peace and we basically know we will never get justice. We seem to already accept hardly before we have even tried that we will be slugging it out for many many many years and decades before there is any real even response from the enemy to their crime, and we enter into a largely powerless and non-strategic campaign that says it is for justice, but actually nearly all our campaigns taken in sum total have next to no victories as we we are failing and have failed until now to be determined to build an actual political movement of many strands that *increases* our capacity towards justice; rather than building that capacity we seem to wander aimlessly but nevertheless very busily to nowhere without building increasingly organised forces in our community.

I see the pictures of great torturous anguish and pain of those who have loved their loved one to the pigs here, I have also held many a mother and grandmother in my arms crying their tears dropping on my shoulders in Palestine, Lebanon and Libya from those who have lost their sons and grandsons to the British state's direct or indirect crimes that killed them. In Palestine, Lebanon and Libya they are traumatised and devastated, indeed they have in some cases lost their entire Homeland as well as loved ones, but because their people and others in the world have made the hard work, determination, the *discipline* of activity and education and ideological learning, this has meant they HAVE liberation organisations that are the means by which they can achieve little victories along the way to bigger victories.

THIS is why Malcolm X, and then Stokely Carmicahel / Kwame Ture and others incessantly encouraged the Black Liberation Movement to learn from the Chinese, Vietnamese and Africa liberation movements as Malcolm and others said THEY are showing us the ideologies and organisational structures and strategy and tactics as to how we are to get out freedom. But Malcolm and Stokely were dedicated to building exactly that and they both did to differing successes and failures, but the main point was that they really focused on doing what needed to be done to build and escalate the struggle.

Nowawdays, it pains me so much to see how weak we are, and it seems very clear we have internalised the politics of defeat and depression, based on the growing defeats and depressions we have been facing as migrant, Black and Brown communities for the last some 3 decades. It doesn't help that many use these campaigns as means to access money, sex and position, this culture of corruption has also weaved itself and is gaining from the depressed and defeated state of our politics. We die and get traumatised, someone sees a opening for some bullshit funding bid from the enemy. A massive proverbial broom needs to come and sweep away this mess, in Greek mythology it was Hercules who cleansed the Aegean Stables in a single day, we need a similarly Herculean struggle to clear the filth and scum from our communities and political ranks.

We are headed for riots, we are seeing small riots, the pressure of our oppressions is building and it is going to blow. We are headed for a very messy and God forbid bloody mad moment, which like Aug 2011 will see thousands again go into the prisons without any real move forward for our struggle. We are sleep walking into further massive pain, while we are screaming actually and symbolically for justice but the screaming is what is ricocheting around in our minds, a traumatising, and even more depressing and defeated collapse in our hearts and minds and communities. When will that new leadership emerge, when will the new political forces who will 'make straight that which is crooked' (Dr King) come on the scene and start changing the pace and determination of us?

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