Wednesday, 1 February 2017


Obviously as I have since I was 15 years old, I stand squarely with Muslims under attack of growing fascism and fascist imperialism in our homelands and in the 'west'. But how are we going to defeat this growing mess?

On the one hand we have liberal imperialist ruling factions who have directly helped to develop global fascism by exporting fascist via war to our Homelands, these same forces of Clinton/Soros/Obama etc are generating protests to destabilise trump and get back into power, there is a similar situation here with the Labour Party. We can and should engage with protests even if controlled and even financed by these enemy imperialist forces as the masses are going to these protests some knowing and many not knowing the colonial corruption of the leaders etc. Real anti imperialist socialist forces that are pro migrant / pro global south have to maintain strict independence from these 'liberal' imperialist forces.

I think the blunt reality is that while we should do all that we can to mobilise and organise, we don't and won't have any independent strategic strength now or in the future in the west do push back growing fascism, we are gonna get it more and more until escalating and then total world war. The 'west' never saw strategic capacity of anti imperialist socialist forces led by Black n Brown people apart from a very short period in the 1960s and 1970s thanks to the radicalisation off the back of 'third world' liberation struggles.

The main thing imho is maintain total independence from imperialist manipulation from Democratic Party / Labour Party, deepen Black Power revolutionary socialist history and ideological understanding. The one thing that is not happening is independent organising and mobilising of migrant communities in Britain as a result of Corbyn's pro brexit position. I don't see that changing.

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