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Undivided India's greatest martyr, the nationalist, anarchist and communist Shaheed Bhagat Singh
in jail by the brits in 1930, executed at the age of 23years old. An amazing revolutionary genius and primary revolutionary figure

RE: So-called ‪#‎SikhLivesMatter‬ and the Khalistanis

Sukant Chandan,
Sons of Malcolm
27Oct 2015

This movement of political forces using and abusing Sikhism are broadly called 'Khalistanis', a supremacist religious sectarian movement which has direct parallels with either colonial supremacist movements such as Zionism and and the 'Muslim brotherhood' and other more sectarian supremacist forces in the Muslim world. All three movements have internalised colonial frameworks of sectarian division and project them as political projects.

Punjabi Sikhs are NOT oppressed as Sikhs in India, although like other supremacist sectarian forces the Khalistanis use the religious nature of the masses to construct a false notion of oppression borne of their provocative actions which results in over handed repression by the Indian state which these supremacist forces disingenuously use to further promote their sectarian project.

Punjab in India has many problems as the rest of India, but it is one of the most relatively affluent States, Sikhs are very confident across India and there is no mass problem of prejudice and state discrimination against them. Against a tiny group of sectarian political forces, yes, but not against the community at large. They are a tiny force in Punjab itself, but their base of support and financing is mostly in england.

Jagmohan Joshi, leader of the mass based Indian Workers Association (GB) and editor of Lalkar

'Khalistan' is a project for a 'pure' Sikh state in Punjab. It's growth is complex but it's modern growth is on the basis of sectarian diaspora support from communities in the 'west' especially England, the British state was very happy to at least turn a blind eye and facilitate their rise here as the socialist anti imperialist Sikh community here was massive and part of the backbone of the actual socialist, working class and militant anti imperialist movement. Just two examples of such people and organisations were Jagmohan Joshi, a leader of the Indian Workers Association (GB) (pictured) and Abhimanyu Manchanda (pictured), both were important radical anti-imperialist, socialist and working class leaders in this country. It takes little political nouse to understand that the British state would prefer to have sectarian divisive forces that makes no dent in the divide and rule and business of oppression and exploitation of the British state domestically and globally.

The last 20 years has seen this militant socialist anti imperialist Sikh community defeated and now the sectarian supremacist forces have hegemony in Sikh diaspora in the 'west'. Direct parallels with sectarian supremacist forces in the Muslim community.

Like the last 25years of the Muslim community seeing the state sponsored hegemony handed over to pro gulf monarchist and sectarian forces. Just as some sections of Muslims have been saying for decades that this supremacist sectarianism is a reaction to oppression, similarly we now have many South Asian and Indian lefties giving ground to three supremacist 'Sikh' forces due to 1, having given up and being defeated in trying to organise theses communities, 2, being too afraid to push back against these sectarian thugs, and 3, trying to spin their failures and cowardice as making out these are somehow some legitimate response to repression.

In India due to the Indian state's repression and interaction with these forces were at times very unhelpful and counter productive, however let's not forget that this movement was a brazen murderous one with such acts such as stopping buses dividing Sikhs from non- Sikhs and killing all the non Sikhs. They were and remain a highly violently divisive force.

Today their actions include sectarianising and essentialising the Sikh religion into a sectarian one, and forces in this movement have been literally sabotaging mixed marriages (whereby mostly Sikh women are marrying non-Sikhs) in Sikh temples ('Gurdwaras') through straight forward thuggish and bullying tactics. Can you imagine?! Dozens of thugs sabotaging marriage ceremonies! The Gurdwaras need to be pressured to protect wedding ceremonies and families, but the Gurdwaras are increasingly giving ground to these sectarian forces, which unfairly puts the onus on families of the people getting married to protect their ceremonies.

Like supremacism in all communities, this problem has two basic sides to it: 1, the political situation in Indian Punjab - for a few decades the peoples forces against this sectarianism has been subsiding, and 2, For a few decades South Asian / Indian and Punjabi pro-people and unity forces have been subsiding to now a negligible state. These sectarian forces will only be defeated when the struggle in India sees a definitive push to defeat these forces in ALL communities of faith, and similarly in England. In England, there is no sign of it, it must be built however.

While we have a internally sectarian force using and abusing Hinduism in the form of Modi/BJP govt, the situation internally in India politically is much stronger than in England against all these sectarian supremacist forces. Unlike in England there are mass based pro peoples, pro unity, nationalist, socialist and communist forces and a healthy intelligentsia allied to these forces.

In England we need a new generation of South Asian Workers and Students United struggle needs developing in England. Are South Asian youth and workers ready to take this task on, or will we continue to give ground to sectarian supremacist forces?

The spirit, ideologies, legacy and path of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Shaheed Udham Singh of uniting our peoples for our collective rights must inform a new age of our struggle.

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Zim: The envy of African reactionaries

Obi Egbuna Jr Simunye
Zimbabwe Herald

WHEN Zimbabwe is discussed internally by both its leadership and citizens, those on the outside looking in, are forced to acknowledge that the country’s political understanding collectively speaking in comparison to other African nations is extremely high. That very attribute automatically prevents our former colonial and slave masters’ efforts to demonise President Mugabe and zanu-pf, from having the impact they so desire, which encourages African neo-colonial agents resorting to cheap and tacky publicity stunts whenever they attack Zimbabwe directly or indirectly.

The African world along with the international community witnessed a 27-year old Nigerian journalist Adeola Fayehun attempting to embarrass President Mugabe while he was at the inauguration of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

While it was natural for Zimbabweans in particular and Africans as a whole to be outraged by the disrespectful manner in which Ms Fayehun approached President Mugabe, what must not be lost was her comment that she raised the same identical questions asked by CNN journalist and hatchet-woman Christiane Amanpour when she interviewed President Mugabe in September 2009.

If this generation of African journalists whether they write for established newspapers or blogs and other additional social media outlets, are deciding to use Mrs Amanpour as a source of inspiration or reference when engaging any African head of state, speaks volumes about the decline of constant political education among our daughters and sons today.

Any African journalist who aspires to be like Amanpour should understand what this represents personally and politically. Amanpour’s biological uncle Captain Nasrollah Amanpour is married to the sister of General Nader Jahanbani, who commanded Iran’s Imperial Iranian Air Force under the brutal and repressive rule of the Shah of Iran, the General’s biological brother Khosrow was married to the Shah’s daughter Princess Shahnaz Pahlavi. Amanpour is married to James Rubin, who was US Assistant Secretary of State during the Clinton administration and an informal advisor to President Obama and former US Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

This exposes that Amanpour’s questions for President Mugabe, by no means represented objective journalism, but an intelligent well-spoken woman who unapologetically defends the interests of US-EU imperialism every time she gets in front of the camera representing the corporate monsters who have made her a multi-millionaire.

As this numerical year marks the 50th anniversary of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah’s book Neo Colonialism The Last Stage of Imperialism, Fayehun’s 15 minutes of fame exposes that the colonial and slave mentality, has indeed been passed down by the previous generation which puts a negative spin on the concept of passing the torch.

During the 13th ordinary session of the African Union General Assembly in 2008, which took place in Egypt, Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf stated Zimbabwe’s June 27th elections were not credible, Sirleaf went on to say that in 1985, the African Union and the world endorsed elections and this frustrated the will of the people and engendered a 14 year civil war that left 200 000 people dead. For Sirleaf to compare Zimbabwe to Liberia was not only preposterous and irresponsible, but the equivalent of equating Ghana under the Osagyefo to Zaire under Mobutu Sese Seko.

For Africans at home and abroad to understand President Sirleaf’s political motivation for even mentioning Zimbabwe by name during this time period, there are some extremely important gestures and overtures, that US-EU Imperialism made towards Liberia that are entirely too important to overlook or dismiss.

In 2007, the US became the first country to grant debt relief to Liberia waving an amount of 391 million dollars borrowed, later that year the German Chancellor Angela Merkel then leading the G-8 provided an additional 324.5 million dollars that represented 60 percent of Liberia’s IMF debt.

This was followed in 2008 Liberia becoming eligible for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative which saw the IMF and World Bank in 2010 agree to fund 1.5 billion dollars in writing off Liberia’s multi- lateral debt, along with the Paris Club cancelling 1.26 billion dollars with independent bilateral creditors cancelling an additional 107 million dollars.

The International Development Association, at a discount rate of 97 percent, provided Liberia resources to write off its foreign commercial debt.

We then saw and heard President Sirleaf, a Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2011, offer to allow US Imperialism if they were interested, to use Liberia as their headquarters for AFRICOM, and receive a US Presidential medal of Freedom under the Bush administration.

What makes Zimbabwe very interesting is its African detractors have no problem whatsoever attempting to duplicate their policies, when it appears to serve their interests in the short term or long term, this explains Liberia’s One China Policy is an obvious duplication of Zimbabwe’s Look East Policy.

It is for this reason President Mugabe and zanu-pf are not holding their breath waiting for President Sirleaf to admit that the decision to appoint Joice Mujuru Vice President of Zimbabwe created a groundswell, rooted in self determination that ultimately led to her becoming the President of Liberia.

Throughout history, African heads of state rarely admit to errors and mistakes, however, at any given moment they are prone to make a comment to gloss over previous negligence. We saw last year, Sirleaf send the following congratulatory statement to President Mugabe and zanu-pf.

“We pray that God will endow President Mugabe with abundant wisdom and strength as he leads the people of Zimbabwe to greater prosperity” This was similar to when the former President of Nigeria, the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, attacked Zimbabwe at the Germany/European Partnership with Africa in Wiesbaden, Germany one month before the EU-African summit in Portugal, President Yar’Adua accused Zimbabwe of heavy handed tactics towards the opposition. This comment by President Yar’Adua may have gotten him a pat on his back by US-EU Imperialism, however, it put him on a collision course with the entire sadc region, because the entire region threatened to boycott the conference if President Mugabe decided not to attend. That bogus suggestion was made by the former Prime Minister of Britain Gordon Brown when he stated he would boycott the summit if President Mugabe was present.

Because President Mugabe is without question a man of integrity he not only called President Sirleaf after she presented her post 2015 Development Agenda to the African Union High Level Committee and African Peer Review Mechanism Forum reports substantive and informative, but went on to call her an asset to the AU, African Continent and her people.

In his classic book The Wretched of the Earth the Pan Africanist Freedom Fighter Frantz Fanon had two eloquent points pertaining to this dynamic, the first is everything can be explained to the people on the single condition you want them to understand, the second is for a colonised people the most essential value became the most concrete is first and foremost the land: the land bring them bread and above all dignity.

The decision by President Mugabe and zanu-pf to maintain their course has not only hardened the people’s resolve as a unit, but is forcing its enemies at home and abroad to recognise the value of not compromising your principles regardless of the hardships you are forced to endure.

Obi Egbuna Jr is the US Correspondent to the Herald and the External Relations officer if the Zimbabwe-Cuba Friendship Association his email is 

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Jeremy Corbyn and his Contribution to Popularising anti-Chinese Racism in Britain

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

"At the end, the statement [from the Labour Party on the Corbyn-Xin meeting - SC] said Corbyn “also raised the issues of human rights and the impact of Chinese imports on the UK steel industry”. 
(- source)

For over a week the british mainstream media was provided with plenty of material to attack China on 'human rights' by Jeremy Corbyn, the current leader of the Labour Party. Corbyn threatened to bring up the human rights western/imperialist posture in the meeting with Chinese Communist and country leader Xi Jinping during last night's state banquet, and that is what he did.

For over a one week preceding this Corbyn helped directly to feed anti-Chinese sentiment, and also during the meeting last night also fed the british empire workerist racism towards China by somehow giving it some primary responsibility in relation to the british state's own culpability in creating unemployment and job precariousness in this country.

Corbyn himself is no overt racist, but that is not the point. When you are operating in an imperialist country, especially if your voice has any relative resonance over the masses, not to mention if you are the leader of the opposition party, you must be or should be extremely careful in how you tread in issues pertaining to the Global South, especially countries who have had a recent history of genocide and colonial occupation as did China until 1949, and even after that it was threatened with direct nuclear attack by the USA, and also was surrounded by imperialist genocidal war in the case of the USA and British-led war against Korea in the early 1950s (killing 4 million Koreans), and the British, French and USA war of gencidal war against Vietnam from 1945-1975 (killing 3 million Vietnamese), both of whose struggles China was directly supporting the revolutionary liberation forces.

For Britain amongst other imperialist countries to have conducted such brutal wars against East and South East Asian countries, they had an elaborate construct of racism to justify genocide in the minds of the masses in the west.

China and East Asian people in general are a easy target for racist abuse, particularly suffering a nasty misogynistic abuse from not only white westerners but this has been internalised by non-white westerners as well. Much of this racist nastiness has been and continues to be promoted by the western media and 'entertainment' industry. The sexist-racist slurs against East Asian women is pretty much normalised in the west, which also dovetails the western imperialist rape industry whereby it is normalised for western men to go to East and South East Asia to conduct rape and sexual assault on an industrial level.

Within the 'UK' itself, racism towards East and South East Asian people is massive, but little known and talked about. Racist physical attacks are frequent, especially towards East Asian people residing in smaller towns and villages where their low numbers makes it easier for them to be attacked.

The issue of anti-Chinese racism in the west and in Britain is sadly often erased out of existence, downplayed or just ignored. There are many reasons why this is the case, but part of the confusion and ignorance around this is the false notion that because China is doing relatively well in terms of poverty reduction, infrastructure development and and increased involvement in supporting the Global South across the world, that somehow Chinese people are protected in the west and in the UK. It's not true.

And this thinking can indirectly contribute to a lack of resistance towards and support in pushing back this largely unaddressed racism against our East Asian peoples here. This is a good report on the issue from leading anti-racist advocacy group The Monitoring Group (in which organisation I happened to be a case worker for over a year in 2012).

There is also an imperialist/colonial emasculation of East Asian men which is another plank in the tool box of colonial and imperialist on-going war against East Asian peoples.

When there East Asian and Chinese people are such easy targets for racist scaegoating and oppression, Corbyn and anyone else need to navigate carefully projecting and publicising their hostility and so-called criticisms of China, lest they feed that centuries long and profound racism. But that is exactly what Corbyn has done.

All this promotion of misogynistic and racist colonial and imperialist stereotypes are rooted with the old British colonial 'yellow peril' racist propaganda, which facilitated their genocidal and usurping and looting actions against the Chinese people since the nineteenth century.

This dehumanisation and assumption that the Chinese people like other colonised people are basically at the level of children or/and animals, and can be exploited, killed and raped at will is an on-going phenomenon of mass consciousness especially amongst Western peoples.

All of this things considered, Corbyn this last week has shown himself to be unwilling to engage positively in this framework of colonialism, imperialism and racism towards China. Instead he has stoked the flames of anti-Chinese prejudice and racism on this island by threatening to raise the new 'white man's burden' against the Chinese leadership: human rights imperialism.

It is the first rule of global solidarity that people in the west desist from acting out in a colonially arrogant manner and respect the indepdencence of non-western countries, and resist the urge to negatively interfere in their own affairs especially when it is done in such a colonially ignorant and arrogant fashion. The fundamental first rule of global solidarity is to fight especially 'one's' own imperialist state in relation to the countries that the imperialist state is targeting. To campaign consistently against any historical or current or planned imperialist tricks, intrigue and oppression that your own state is rolling out against the Chinese and other peoples. On this, Corbyn fails as he is quite profoundly imbued with colonial prejudices.

For over one week Corbyn has helped to raise hatred against the Chinese in quite direct implication that the Chinese are responsible for the economies woes of workers here, and that the Chinese are somehow unable to constructively and positively address the human rights of their own people.

Corbyn did not have to do that, but he chose to. It has been Corbyn that has been threatening to raise these issues with Xhi Jinping which he did last night, and as although the government here and media have also similarly promoted this human rights imperialism and racism towards China, it was Corbyn who was the only high level politician who raised this issue with the Chinese leadership during the four day state visit here. As such on this issue Corbyn stands to the right of the Tories and even the queen, as it was the tories and other right wing elements of the political class that put pressure on Corbyn to refrain from developing this diplomatic spat with the Chinese.

There are also some very tiny political forces around Corbyn who are in general somewhat luke-warm to positive about China, these include the socialist action sect, the communist party and a few individuals. None of these tiny political forces close to Corbyn and who are somewhat pro-China managed to stop him from raising 'human rights' and 'why you Chinese taking our jobs' nonsense. Such is the influence of these groups on issues that matter most to billions of people who happen to not be in the european white world.

Unfortunately, it was not only Corbyn that acted in such a manner. It also has to be stated that the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Nicola Sturgeon treated the Chinese in a similar colonial manner in which westminster and the english elites treat the Scots by failing to attend the state banquet in honour of the Chinese last night. To quote Alex Salmond in another context, it was 'infantile' of Sturgeon to have done that, and this also helped to encourage prejudice against the Chinese. This is that much more disappointing as clearly Alex Salmond and other colleagues in the leadership of the SNP are very close politically to the Chinese leadership. One hopes that the SNP and Scottish independence oriented Scots who I am loyal to can reflect on the colonial dynamics of snubbing the Chinese and how that reflects their own legitimate gripes with English colonialism and arrogance towards the indy movement and peoples in Scotland.

In Chinese reports on meetings with Corbyn, they have as to be expected tried to give it the most positive spin possible, as this is diplomacy and it would be very undignified for the Chinese to have to respond with anything that smacks of terseness and irritability when they are being feted by the british state. One should not read the diplomatic comments to reflect the actual actions and to base political analysis and judgement on that.

Corbyn is hostile to every single country in Africa and Asia. He supports British war sanctions against Eritrea (easily verified by checking the parliamentary voting record online), he has helped to demonise the Libyan Jamahirya and the Syrian government while it has been the target for imperialist divide and ruin and death squad destruction led by the British state. Saying some nice things about relatively poor people on this island but treating in a colonially arrogant manner the Scots, Eritreans, Libyans, Syrians and Chinese is not 'progressive' or 'socialist' politics. Those of us who are not politically (or financially!) corrupted by the 'left wing' of the imperialist system must speak with a clear voice that we do not agree with this racist and colonial treatment of our own people. We deserve better.


"Porridge wogs", "Jockistan" and now this: 'go back to where you come from'. The Scots are and have been racialised as outside of whiteness by those who consider themselves inside that white supremacist colonial club. Like all colonially racialised peoples the Scots have internalised a fair bit of that oppression, although compared to colonised Black and Asian people in England the Scots are well ahead in terms of anti colonial socialised-orientation. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

"SNP MPs "need to be on their planes back" to Scotland, a Tory MP said today as she defended government proposals to restrict the voting rights of non-English MPs.

"Apparently responding to a comment about the timing of tonight's vote, South Derbyshire MP Heather Wheeler gestured towards the SNP and said: "no, they need to be on their planes back."

"She told the House that her constituents felt huge "grievance" about Scottish and Welsh MPs voting on English-only matters.

""This has gone on too long," she told the Commons." (source)

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Will British Home Secretary Theresa May’s inquiry end the culture of impunity? 

Asks Dan Glazebrook

The movement against police brutality in the US has been making serious waves. Uprisings across Baltimore and Ferguson in particular have made global headlines, and a new movement, dubbed ‘Black Lives Matter’, has seared itself onto public consciousness. Revolutionaries within the movement have been calling for Black Community Control of the police, under their modified slogan Black Power Matters, and the movement as a whole has succeeded in making police brutality a live issue across the US which no politician can afford to ignore.

It is perhaps with an eye to averting such an outcome in Britain that British Home Secretary Theresa May announced in March that she would be launching the first ever public inquiry into deaths in police custody. Though receiving far less coverage, deaths ‘following police contact’ are a major issue in this country as well, with 1,433 taking place in England and Wales between 1990 and 2012, according to campaigning group Inquest. However, not a single police officer was convicted over any of these deaths.

Names such as Christopher Alder, Azelle Rodney, Sean Rigg, Kingsley Burrell and many others have become synonymous with police violence, racism, cover-up – and impunity. This year has seen a number of bitterly disappointing legal verdicts for the families and campaign groups which have been fighting for truth and justice for their loved ones and, with anger growing, the government will not have forgotten that it was precisely such a case – the police execution of Mark Duggan, and particularly the contempt with which his family was treated after the killing – that triggered a youth insurgency across inner-city England in August 2011.

So far, exact details of the inquiry have yet to emerge. And while May has expressed her desire to tackle a number of issues around deaths in custody, no concrete changes have emerged yet.

Deborah Coles, Director of Inquest – a support group providing legal advice to families of those who have died in state custody – gives me her response to the proposed inquiry. ‘We have given it a guarded welcome,’ she says, ‘but there are 2 issues for me. One is that there has been no consultation with the families or with Inquest about the terms of reference, and the terms of reference are going to be critical. But there is also that sense of déjà vu. In 30 years of our organization’s existence, there has been review after review, and there is a whole wealth of evidence out there about what the problems are. The key issue is the fact that recommendations are not implemented.’

Harmit Athwal, who co-authored ‘Dying for Justice’, an Institute of Race Relations report into deaths in custody last year, agrees with Coles. ‘In terms of the IPCC [the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which investigate deaths in police custody], you see the same mistakes being made again and again: investigations take an incredibly long time, a failure to recommend prosecutions and then, when a case gets to an inquest and there’s a critical verdict, it’s coming out about officers conferring,’ explains Athwal.

Ken Fero, whose 2001 film Injustice was critical in bringing deaths in police custody into the public consciousness, is even more unequivocal: ‘It’s another public inquiry. It won’t be effective in terms of preventing police officers killing people. It’s just repeating what we’ve had before in terms of investigations – inquiries into the IPCC, inquiries into the police investigation system, judicial inquiries into the CPS [Crown Prosecution Service]. The end result from all these inquiries is huge documents that take months and years to come out and don’t really have any effect in terms of the numbers of deaths.’

So what will have an effect? What is necessary to bring about justice for those who have died at the hands of the police? Ken Fero is emphatic that ‘there is no need for any new legislation. There is the law of murder and manslaughter and these need to be implemented for police officers. It’s as simple as that. The only change there needs to be is in the determination of the CPS to actually prosecute and the determination of the IPCC to investigate.’

This reluctance of the CPS and the IPCC to rigorously investigate and prosecute is one raised time and again by campaigners on the issue. As Deborah Coles outlines it, ‘One of the problems with the whole investigation process has been the reluctance to approach deaths in police custody as if a potential crime has been committed. We’ve seen a number of cases where we would have expected that successful prosecutions would have been brought.’

Cole specifically mentions Azelle Rodney, whose death triggered a public inquiry which concluded that there was no lawful justification for his killing, and Jimmy Mubenga, suffocated during an illegal chokehold by officers from the private security company G4S. ‘And you have to ask how it is,’ she continues, ‘that there has never been a successful prosecution of a police officer for murder or manslaughter in the last 50 years. Because that does not reflect the evidence that has come out during the investigation and inquest process into these deaths, particularly following the use of force or gross neglect. And that begs very important questions about policing in a democracy – that people can die in really disturbing circumstances and nobody is held to account.’ Athwal agrees, explaining that the IPCC issues critical reports, ‘but that it is then incumbent on the CPS to act upon them – and in 99 per cent of cases, they say there is not enough evidence to prosecute.’

No new inquiry is needed to reveal these CPS failures. The Butler Review had explicitly criticized them back in 1999. But, as Lee Bridges has noted, ‘the report of this review published in 2003 is notable more for the proposed reforms that it rejected than the changes in CPS practices which it introduced.’

So one concern is clearly whether this inquiry will be any different from its predecessors in terms of its recommendations actually being carried out. But Harmit Athwal points to another worrying aspect: ‘One of the issues for us is that it doesn’t plan to look at old or current cases; so I am wondering how it can examine the issue in any thoroughness.’ Ken Fero agrees: ‘One of the caveats is that this inquiry won’t look at previous cases. So the question is – why not, if Theresa May is really concerned about what’s been going on? The only way you can stop the culture of impunity is by looking at the roots of it.’

Indeed, Fero argues that this will fatally undermine the entire inquiry: ‘What’s going to prevent officers killing is the realistic likelihood that they are going to go to jail. So the fact that she’s not willing to reopen cases – because there are cases where we have had undeniable evidence that officers have committed manslaughter and, in a few cases, murder – means that all the changes to the system for the future won’t make any difference to the culture of impunity that the police hold.’

Will any real change result from this inquiry? Time will tell. But the signs are not good.

The annual United Friends and Families Campaign march for justice for those who have died at the hands of the police takes place this 31 October in London, starting at Trafalgar Square at 1pm.


Palestinian Progressive Youth Union: The rising intifada and revolution of the youth

Palestinian Progressive Youth Union / PFLP Website

At this time, when hordes of settlers terrorists are invading and rampaging in the streets of the occupied West Bank, while the occupation army surrounds Nablus and Jerusalem with its troops and intelligence agents, storming towns and villages, arise the heroes of Palestine, the finest blossoming of Palestinian youth, struggling on the glorious path of liberation, continuing the call which they have inherited from their parents and grandparents.

It is the message carried by Palestinian youths Diaa Talahmeh, Muhannad Al-Halabi, Fadi Alloun, whose flesh and blood was shed by the occupier and its settler killers, who struggled for Palestine and its people. Diaa revolted, Muhannad sacrificed, Fadi martyred, while Qais al-Saadi and his comrades resisted in Jenin confronting the attack of the occupation. The streets of Jerusalem throb with a new Palestinian pride and honor as the sons and daughters of Issawiya and Jabal Mukabber and all of our city free their rocks, Molotov cocktails and flames from their hands, rebelling with their lives. Nablus, the Mountain of Fire, confronts the occupier and defies its siege, united in its people and their heroism.

This is a battle of freedom and dignity, the battle of all, a battle that shames the occupier and humiliates its army, a battle that rages with the flames of revolution and steadfastness throughout the West Bank, confronting and overcoming those who devalue our lives, steal our land and dignity, and burn our children and our people alive. We are all with you today and it is required that we all do the following:

1. Joining with the heroes of the Palestinian resistance to confront the enemy forces with all forms of weapons and resistance.

2. The formation of committees and popular protection groups, as a popular response to the crimes of the settlers for the protection of our people, villages and farms; not only to defend, but to attack the fascist cowardly settler hordes.

3. Launch the battle in the streets to liberate the occupied West Bank, it is unacceptable that we are banned from our streets while the settlers invade our communities with massive violence.

4. Rallying and demonstrating in Jerusalem, Nablus and everywhere to break the siege on our proud capital and the steadfast Mountain of Fire.

5. Sending our support to the families of the heroes and the martyrs and rally around their families and protect them by all means against attempts by the enemy to demolish their homes.

6. We call on our brothers in the Palestinian security services to join with the resistance and popular committees to defend our people and confront the crimes of the settlers and disobey all orders that call upon them to carry out political arrests and security coordination with the occupation.

7. Universities, schools, institutions, youth centers, women’s unions, neighborhood and popular committees in the villages and camps, sports clubs and our entire people in the camps and in diaspora, one people with one cause, are called upon to join the activities of the popular uprising, to mobilize and harness all of their capacities in support of the uprising and its continuation.

Palestinian Progressive Youth Union


#Palestine #Unity / #DisunityAsRadical: 'Eurocentric / colonial identity politics' (*my definition below) is tearing apart and dividing ally from ally, sister/brother from brother/sister. This can be seen in relation to Palestine right now whereby one of the most blatant colonial settler oppressions is seeing Resistance to it being fought over between broadly those who want to unite with the Palestinian Resistance and Revolution and at the same time constructively address internalised colonial oppressions amongst the Palestinians (*every* oppressed community has internalised colonial oppressions, the most obvious being situations of oppression of women, girls, and children and many others), and on the other hand those who want to tear apart any bridge building and unity with Palestinians cos there are internalised problems of coloniality amongst them.

I was active in support of the Second/Al-Aqsa Intifada in late 2000, and went on and helped organise many delegations to Palestine in the early 2000s, and have been working closely with Palestinian revolutionaries ever since, and its very clear that the pro Palestine camp is even weaker, confused and split than it was then, and in part this is due to this colonial identity politics ripping things apart. There are also other factors including the greater infiltration of the anti-Jewish far-right into these circles, and the continuing colonialisation tendency from western neocolonial liberals/leftists who think they are going to liberate Palestine through BDS etc. No, as I said a long time ago, 'we will not liberate Palestine, Palestine and other such anti-imperialist struggles have and will liberate us'.

It is only through learning about the Palestinian revolutionary traditions, ideologies, leaderships and histories can we protect the Palestinian War of Liberation just like every other peoples war of liberation across the globe.

The european white imperialists don't even have to do much at the moment, as it is Black n Brown / non-white people who are doing all the sniping and dividing themselves, they are creating divisions on every single minutiae of identity.

*DEFINITION of 'eurocentric/colonial identity politics': focusing purely on individualistic frameworks and issues of oppression which overshadow or totally obliterate understanding, learning and support for Resistance of peoples against imperialism. So for example, the destruction of Libya and associated oppressions are absent, but every single relatively smaller incident of an oppressed person within the confines of the 'west' is THE ONLY thing to focus on. It is another form of racism, it is the non-white person and also other oppressed groups fighting with each other, and in so doing airbrushing out of existence or totally demeaning the struggle of millions in unity and struggle in the non-west/'GlobalSouth' areas.

Eurocentric/colonial identity politics fits perfectly with the white supremacist and imperialist agenda: it weakens, divides as *principle* ever greater divisions between oppressed peoples, and in so doing keeps the system buoyant and untouched. It also means that the actually existing colonial western left says relatively dominant as the eurocentric/colonial identity politics impacts negatively and overwhelmingly the potential for oppressed communities to unite and resist.

The eurocentric/colonial identity politics is extremely bullying in its nature, but hides behind a victim complex to justify its bullying. So try and engage in places where they dominate and you will be jumped upon and your voice will be nearly and often totally negated and shut down because they decide you do not have a right to speak for whatever box ticking and colonial oppression olympics games they are playing. All the while the important issues, important challenges and important global struggles are deleted and censored from sight.

I know from many people and activists that they are basically brow beaten, shouted down, and bullied into silence, and as a result are bullied into a lower level of confidence to critically discuss these issues. This is compounded by a growing popular culture of bullying and especially online bullying whereby you will be just blatantly bullied, mocked and ridiculed for stepping outside of this 'fashion'. However, an important point to remember is that this divisiveness has no bounds, has no limits, and ANYONE can find themselves targets of this colonial bullying culture, and often are. Its a sure recipe for GREATER bullying, and the opposite of what the disingenuous 'safe space' theory purports.

The 'safe space' concept is an apt one in this regard: while of course oppressed people need places and spaces to discuss and strategise and heal and explore liberation-foced issues etc, often this 'safe space' culture becomes a self ghettoising and bullying technique to dictate who can speak and who cannot, who is 'invited to the party', and who is proactively disinvited to their party. 'Safe space' never informs a process of supporting actual peoples struggles pushing back and developing liberated countries from imperialism, and nearly always informs the western/westernised individualistic concerns.

So look around, you will actually very very few people uniting people while resisting and countering the colonial hierarchies that are imposed and internalised amongst us. Actually it is extremely few organisations including the Malcolm X Movement who seek to in principle recognise and fight internalised colonial oppressions but at the same time advocate unity of Black n Brown people and white comrades on this island and also to unite us with all peoples struggling against imperialism and especially British imperialism around the world.

In general and overwhelmingly, Kurds only march for Kurds when the Kurdish liberation forces of the PKK and YPG are in a life and death struggle against imperialist death squads. Syrians only march for Syrians similarly. Libyans only for Libyans. Black Carribbean people for Black Carribbean people, Eritrean people for Eritrean people, Somali for Somali, Zimbabwean for Zimbabwean, Irish for Irish, and so on and so forth. While all these communities and we all have a responsibility to unite forces, it is not entirely the fault of all said communities, but a result of a long culture of colonial divide and rule which has been internalised as principle since the 1980s in britain which has developed a culture of 'radical' colonial divisions. This is the very OLD british colonialist and orientalist divide and rule strategies merely internalised and popularised by colonised peoples.

The oppressors at the top are extremely united, united by the best financed and equipped media, war machine, (mis)education system etc: colonially and imperialistically oppressed people need as NECESSITY to find the MAXIMUM UNITY of forces to be able to free ANY sectional group of oppressed peoples and oppressed peoples in general. Isn't it time we returned to the glorious period of UNIFYING struggles from the late 19th century that really speeded up in the post 1945 period with Bandung, NAM, OSPAAL, Tricontinental, and many many other formations that united us and resulted in the greatest leap forward for liberating our countries and increasing the rights on all fronts for our peoples which was the period of the 1960s?

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Wednesday, 14 October 2015




Heroic officers and men of the Korean People’s Army and the Korean People’s Internal Security Forces,

Officers and men of the units participating in the military parade held in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea,

Members of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and Young Red Guards,

Respected Pyongyang citizens,

Party members and other working people across the country,

Overseas compatriots and foreign friends,


Today, with great pride in and joy of being victors, we are greeting the October holiday, flying high the flag of the Workers’ Party of Korea in the sky.

For our country and people, October 10 is a meaningful revolutionary holiday when they celebrate the birth anniversary of the genuine vanguard of the revolution, its militant General Staff, which has taken responsibility for their destiny and leads them.

Today’s grand military parade and public procession will fully display the inexhaustible strength which our Party has built up over the past 70 years by leading the service personnel and people. It will also demonstrate to the whole world the revolutionary spirit of all our service personnel and people who, full of courage and conviction, are advancing towards a bright future, united solidly around the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Availing myself of this meaningful opportunity, when we are proudly looking back upon the sacred history of the Workers’ Party of Korea that is resplendent with victory and glory, I would like to extend, reflecting the boundless reverence and loyalty of the millions of members of our Party and all service personnel and people, the noblest respect and infinite glory to the great Comrade Kim Il Sungwho founded our glorious Party and the great Comrade Kim Jong Il who is the eternal General Secretary of our dignified Workers’ Party of Korea.

My noble respect also goes to the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners, martyrs of the People’s Army and other patriotic martyrs who dedicated all their precious things to promoting the development of our Party and the prosperity of the country in loyal support of the great leaders.

Our people, with unfailing loyalty to the Party, have tided over all challenges and difficulties in the red revolutionary spirit of Paektu to glorify the 70th anniversary of its founding as a revolutionary, auspicious event, thereby performing unequalled feats of labour and preparing gifts dedicated to their motherly Party.

As I am standing in the square of victors, the venue for celebrations, which is brimming over with our people’s fervent loyalty, I am so grateful to them for this venue of today which would have been unimaginable separated from them, and at this moment I am seeing the dear people with deep respect.

Our Party has been able to propel the revolution over the past 70 years without flinching whatever the storms, achieving only victory and glory, because this great people have entrusted their own destiny entirely to it and followed it in faithful support of its cause.

The history of our Party is just the path travelled by our great people, its might is their might, its greatness is their greatness, and its victory is the victory achieved by them.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Party I, on behalf of the Workers’ Party of Korea, extend warm thanks with a deep bow to all the beloved people who have infused our Party with inexhaustible strength and courage and remained faithful to it in every grave period of the revolution, sharing weal and woe with it in overcoming the harsh trials of history by dint of unyielding willpower.

My heartfelt congratulations and warm thanks go to our trustworthy members of the Party, heroic officers and men of the People’s Army and laudable young vanguard, who, in hearty response to the Party’s appeal, have worked with patriotic devotion and created one heroic miracle after another shortening ten years to one on all fronts of building a thriving socialist nation, so as proudly to enter the venue of the grand festival of victors.

At the same time I warmly welcome our overseas compatriots and foreign friends who are here to congratulate our people on this auspicious day.


The history of the Workers’ Party of Korea is a proud course it has traveled shouldering the destiny of the people and leading the Korean revolution to victory under the guidance of the great leaders.

President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il built ours into an invincible revolutionary party, a genuine political leadership organization, which serves the people and advances in unity with the masses, the first of its kind in history.

Since it inscribed a hammer, a sickle and a writing brush in its red flag, our Party has never been separated from the people and advanced the revolution always believing in them as in heaven.

History records no revolution as ours that has braved at every step the grave trials and adversities decisive of its success in such an arduous and complicated situation.

The new Korea was too young, but the US imperialists, hell-bent on world supremacy, forced a devastating war upon it; when we rebuilt the country on the debris with so much effort tightening our belts, they presented a fresh threat of aggression; and when we were trying to develop our national economy, they blocked our road by imposing the sanctions and blockade unprecedented in history.

Despite all the difficulties, our Party has always charged forward with iron nerves in any adversity, ushered in a new age of epoch-making changes on this land, and scored only great victories.

In the whirlwind of history, our Party has trusted our great people only, and they have been its only supporters, advisers and assistants.

The history of the world revolutionary movement teaches the lesson that irrespective of whether it is a ruling one or has a long history, the leadership authority and fighting efficiency of a party do not rise of their own accord nor can it lead the revolution effectively.

The high authority our Party enjoys today and the great exploits it has performed are the fruition of the brilliant revolutionary ideas and outstanding leadership of the great President and General, who formulated the revolution as the affection for and trust in the people and applied this definition to its building and activities in a thoroughgoing way.

In having struck its roots deep into the people’s mind and served them only with devotion lies the secret of our Party’s leading the cause of independence, Songun and socialism without letup in the face of the tribulations of history while maintaining a firm grip on the steering wheel of the revolution.

The Workers’ Party of Korea is an invincible one that has achieved oneness with the masses of the people.

In the whole period of leading the revolution, our Party used to call the people first, lend an ear to their opinions, though simple, and draw unquenchable courage from their sincerity whenever it was trying to identify a course it must follow and whenever it faced grave trials.

The creative strength of the omnipotent masses was the source of the great miracles our Party worked while building a powerful socialist bulwark, independent, self-supporting and self-reliant in national defence, on this land where centuries-old backwardness and poverty had prevailed and ushering in a new era of building a powerful country in the face of pernicious blockade imposed by the imperialists.

Bearing full responsibility for the political integrity and material and cultural life of the people and taking care of them has been a matter of paramount importance for our Party and a mission it cannot neglect even for a moment.

That our Party, even in the worst situation decisive of the country’s destiny, has prepared precious seeds and socialist assets for the happiness of the people through painstaking efforts and invariably pursued the people-oriented policies is an expression of the politics of love for the people that can be administered only by our Party that has shouldered the responsibility for their destiny.

As our Party has always regarded the masses of the people as the root of its life and as the source of its inexhaustible strength and given top and absolute priority to their interests, our people have followed it believing it as the genuine guiding light of their destiny and as their mother, and a grand flower garden of single-hearted unity has made its proud appearance on this land.


The might of the Workers’ Party of Korea which struggles for the people lies in the fact that it has powerful revolutionary armed forces.

Our people have keenly realized the truth that a people without arms is destined to become a ruined nation and that their dignity and happiness are guaranteed by revolutionary arms.

Our Party has always channelled primary efforts into building invincible military strength with which it can creditably defend the security of the people and their lives and property.

Thanks to our Party’s original line of self-reliant defence and Songun politics, the People’s Army has been developed into an elite revolutionary army that is capable of defeating any aggressor forces at a stroke, and the all-people and all-country defence system consolidated steadily, with the result that our country has now turned into an impregnable fortress, into a world-class military power.

Our revolutionary armed forces have always been a powerful treasured sword in defending the country, the revolution and the people, and a mighty vanguard force and shock brigade that takes the lead in the struggle for the country’s prosperity and people’s happiness.

In the course of organically combining defence of the country with socialist construction after putting forward the line of promoting economic construction and building up defence capabilities in parallel, our Party gained valuable experience in radically increasing the overall national strength by itself and at the same time improving the people’s standard of living even though it lacked in everything.

In direct confrontation with the high-handed U.S. imperialists who have fattened themselves through aggression and war, our service personnel and people have inflicted one ignominious defeat after another upon them and are forcefully breaking through the brigandish sanctions and blockade by imperialist forces. Their indomitable spirit and strength of unity strike extreme anxiety and fear into the enemy.

Today our Party can proudly state that our revolutionary armed forces are capable of fighting any type of war the U.S. imperialists opt for, and have made full preparations for firmly defending the blue sky over the country and the security of the people.


The source of the unique pride for the Workers’ Party of Korea is the large contingent of young people who have been trained to shoulder the future of the revolution and the nation.

Foreseeing the protracted nature of the revolution in the initial period of its founding, our Party set attaching importance to young people as its strategic line and has trained them into warriors for the implementation of the cause of the Juche revolution.

The entire Party has paid constant concern to educating young people and boldly tasked the youth league with large projects. Under the trust and affection of the Party that has put them forward as its young vanguard our young people have volunteered in every period of the revolution to serve at the posts for national defence and work in difficult and challenging sectors, and displayed their youthful wisdom and courage to the full.

That our revolution is still advancing vigorously filled with unflagging energy and vitality without stagnation and marking time is because it has a steel-strong legion of young people who always march straight forward following the Party.

The proud and grand youth monuments in various parts of the country, including the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station, which our young people have recently set up by devoting their patriotic sweat and dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Party founding graphically show how the reserve force of the Workers’ Party of Korea is being prepared and how the lineage of the Korean revolution is being carried forward.

As our Party has spared nothing for young people, our country has now greeted a fresh heyday in the youth movement and is demonstrating its might as the one and only great youth power, in which the youth problem has been solved perfectly.

The historical course our Party has travelled leading the Korean revolution to victory through thick and thin eloquently proves that there is nothing to be afraid of and there is nothing impossible if there are a people faithful to their party and a powerful revolutionary army and large contingent of young people.

The lifeline of a revolutionary party, its strength and its bright future are dependent on attaching importance to the people, to the army and to young people – this is just the invaluable summing up of the 70-year history of our Party.

By continuing to hold fast to the three-point strategy of attaching importance to the people, to the army and to young people as its foremost weapon, our Party will advance forward vigorously towards final victory and accomplish the Korean revolution.


The Workers’ Party of Korea organizes and guides all the victories of our people.

The infinite glory and invincibility of our Party originate from holding up the great President and General as its eternal leaders and enjoying absolute support and trust of all the Korean people.

If our Party is to lead Korea to a bright future, it must invariably defend its revolutionary nature as the party of the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism both in name and in reality and exalt its brilliance in every way.

The great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is, in essence, the people-first principle, and the mode of existence of our Party is serving the people.

True to the ennobling intentions of the great President and General who administered for the first time in history the politics of prioritizing, respecting and loving the people and devoted their all throughout their lives to the good of the people, our Party will, in the future, too, strive to add glory to the sacred history of the people-first principle.

The entire Party will conduct its building and activities only as instructed by the great President and General, and make selfless, devoted efforts for the benefit of the people by thoroughly applying the people-first principle to its overall work, thereby enhancing its fighting efficiency in every way possible.

The genuine feature of the Workers’ Party of Korea will be expressed in the appearance of the country that is transformed under its leadership and in the looks of the people who always smile happily.

The people are the most precious as they constitute the foundation of the country, and nothing is more sacred than their interests.

Our Party will cherish the people’s sincere loyalty to it as the greatest asset of the revolution and bring earlier everything splendid of the future by shouldering all the burdens and clearing a thorny path for the sake of our brave, resourceful and beautiful people.

It will, in the future, too, endeavour to fulfil its heavy yet sacred mission as a motherly party that, full of infinite vitality and untiring zeal, invariably works with affection for the people and devotes its all to their interests. It will also remain boundlessly faithful to its basic duty of taking full responsibility for their destiny whatever the storms.

The Korean revolution advances not by dint of any mysterious divine power but on the great strength of our people including the heroic Kim Il Sung‘s and Kim Jong Il‘s working class who follow and safeguard their Party with a single mind.

The Party respects and believes in the people as in heaven and regards them as its mentors, and they boundlessly trust and follow it as they would do their mothers–this single-hearted unity is precisely the true appearance of Korea and the great foundation of the Songun revolution.

Our officials should imbue their hearts with the Party’s intention of respecting the people and its affection for them, be infinitely polite to them and clear a path, whether snowy or muddy, to realize all their wishes. In this way they can ensure that cheers for the Workers’ Party, for the single-hearted unity and for socialism resound throughout the country.

It is our Party’s belief that all its members, service personnel and working people, regarding their workplaces, military posts and villages as those in the garden of the office of its Central Committee and always sharing their innermost thoughts with it, will fully display their unstained loyalty and patriotism in the efforts to implement its ideas and defend its policies.


Our Party will make proactive and persevering efforts to bring earlier the bright day of national reunification, the greatest wish of the Korean nation, resolutely frustrating all sorts of obstructive schemes by foreign forces by dint of single-hearted unity and Songun.


As the working people exist for ever, lasting justice and victory will be ensured by the struggle for the people and together with the people.

Regarding as a paragon the noble ideas and achievements of the great President and General, who devoted their whole life to training the people by believing in them as in heaven and exalted the brilliance of Korea, our Party will continue to love the people and fight for them, and strive to translate their beautiful dreams and ideals into reality.

Any challenges of history and frantic attempts by the enemy will never check the advance of our service personnel and people, who have achieved oneness with the Party, nor can they slow down the fighting speed of the Korean people, who are rushing forward towards a bright future, regarding the Party’s revolutionary ideology and the blizzards of Paektu as the motive power for advance and the red flag of our dignified Party as the sail.

The world will see vividly how the Workers’ Party of Korea gives full play to the strength and wisdom of our great people and builds a great Paektusan nation, which will be most prosperous and powerful on this planet.

As the great Workers’ Party of Korea that believes in the people as in heaven, the people who are one and the same with the name of our sacred revolution and its 70 years of victory, is the locomotive leading the revolution and holds the switch weight of history, the avenue of the cause of the Juche revolution will always be adorned with victory and glory.

I appeal to all the Party members.

Let us all make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the great people.

Long live the great Korean people, united single-heartedly around the invincible party, the Workers’ Party of Korea!



"Jeremy Corbyn has signalled for the first time that Labour could support forms of military action in Syria without UN support if Russia blocks a security council resolution.
In a bid to underline this as the agreed Labour leadership position, Corbyn issued a brief statement, saying: “I met with shadow cabinet colleagues today and Hilary Benn is setting out the position today.”
Benn also stresses the absolute necessity of acting, writing: “We have a responsibility to protect people, but in Syria, no one has taken responsibility and no one has been protected. It is the great humanitarian crisis of our age and one of our greatest tests too.”" [source]

Seems Corbyn is staying loyal and true to the english left's imperialist 'Spirit of '45'. If anyone can honestly define Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, if people can appreciate and be honest about the depth of coloniality in the english left and the imperialist nature of it and the labour party, this is nothing to be surprised at. But many a trembling lip and heart around at the moment cos people are being fed delusions and many are promoting delusions and fantasies.

Probably like Syriza, many will justify each and every pro-imperialist move of Corbyn and Labour. When you dig yourself into a hole, if it stinks, get out of it, but too many feel that they need to keep digging deeper and stinkier. Step out! lol

The brit/english left no matter what crimes the British state with a Labour govt have committed since before the 2nd world war was never a reason to break with this *racist* and *colonial* organisation, Labour destroying Afghanistan and Iraq more recently was not enough for people to break from this.

The love and loyalty for genocidal 'left' imperialist crimes and institutions and consciousness are just too irresistible for too many in england. England is the HEART of whiteness & colonialism, sorry to state the utter obvious but it seems it needs stating incessantly that: promoting whiteness and colonialism in nice liberal labour shrouds does not make it any less imperialist and racist. Actually it can and often has the effect of making it more sophisticated and pernicious.

Thank God we have the Scottish National Party (SNP) and the mass base of the Scottish independence movement to show a limited in many ways, but very much an actual and real force opening up anti-imperialism in a meaningful way on this island.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Many thanks to Angus Robertson MP / SNP leader who made a forthright speech at 'prime minster questions' in the Commons today on the subject of opposing british military involvement in Syria.

All the while Corbyn has given his shadow cabinet the green light to support Brit airstrikes against Syria without UN resolution! Corbyn and his delusional followers will say Corbyn doesn't support airstrikes, but Corbyn has okayed his party to support airstrikes (source). THIS is the best you get with the actually existing English left.

Robertson irked the prime minister by going through the list of utter crimes and 'failures' of british imperialist wars of aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and used this to push back at any new escalation of a war of aggression against Syria.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Former KKK grand wizard David Duke has deeply infiltrated pro Palestine circles, he is a prominent example of how those who are viscerally racist (European colonial white supremacism) are using Palestine circles to promote their anti Jewish hatred and they are nearly always hostile to Brown and Black people in the 'west'. Duke's infiltration is protected by other prominent Palestine activists and I have had Ken o Keefe defend Duke directly to me in past few years.

All manner of European racists are influencing our Asian and African peoples; we must politically destroy these infiltrators, we need to encourage our peoples to learn better their/our own ideologies against colonialism and imperialism, they/we have our own histories, organisations, leaderships that are being directly being manipulated and attacked by these western racist colonialists.

The zionist state is an asymmetric mirror image of European white supremacy, it is a hard and fast lesson that oppressed groups can internalise this colonialism and then project it devastatingly against another oppressed group, the Arabs and Palestinians in this case.

Palestine and every other anti imperialist struggle cannot be free while using the same concepts of supremacism of colonialism, but this is exactly what the enemies of the Palestinians are vested in doing, and it's clear who are the covert backers of these infiltrating forces are: it's no other than the israeli intelligence services and their allies in the region and in the 'west' who know very well how to weaken, make pathetic and ridiculous pro Palestine circles.

The pinnacle of the Palestinian Revolution is part of the anti-imperialist and socialist Vietnamese, Cuban, Algerian, Egyptian, Chinese, South African, and Soviet trend of liberation in the world, and it is through especially the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PFLP, DFLP, Fatah and others that this tradition continues.

Chase away euro imperialist supremacists! 

Defend the Palestinian Revolution! 

Increased revolutionary vigilance!

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


More Scud than BUK: Despite Fiery Rhetoric, West Beats Strategic Retreat on MH17  

By Daniel Patrick Welch
Tue, October 13, 2015

Well, the day has finally arrived for the long-awaited (in some quarters) Dutch Safety Board frame-up on the MH17 shoot-down over Ukraine some 16 months ago. As anticipated, the report offers no new insights and relies on shaky and opaque methodology to reach its so-called ’conclusions.’

However, despite its obvious bias and expected throwing of much shade toward the new US/Euro Hitler-of-the-Day, and despite the New York Times’ hyperventilating and drooling headlines, the report actually appears to be more of a Scud than a BUK. The western MSM will weep and roar like the monsters in Where the Wild Things Are. But the report itself offers no sustenance to buttress their now-tired and unwavering claims. Every thinking person and every watcher of any CSI type real crime forensic show knows by now that when cops say something "supports the theory that..." or "is consistent with XYZ," it’s code for we can’t prove squat.

Yes, the report is pure bullshit. And the Russians are right to be very angry at the ongoing propaganda war wafted their way by ’journalists’ who do little more than regurgitate talking points from their editors and publishers, who in turn take their lead from State Department press releases. DSB does indeed ignore any evidence that contradicts their immediate and unwise hypothesis, contrary to any methodology used by the ICAO. They ignored the Russians’ raw data, though they take pains to say that their satellite imagery was ’helpful.’ They don’t come down hard on the Ukies for mysteriously losing the same raw data and ATC audio tapes from the same day; they don’t explain why debris and even bodies were left on the ground for so long, or why Malaysia was initially excluded from the investigation. They manage to avoid the troubling failure of the US to hand over similar satellite data, which would surely shed more light on the matter, or explain the Magic Bulliet triangulation of how they arrived at their conclusion. These are all very troubling points, and it will likely be years before western governments admit the truth.

But to me at least, it looks like DSB has beat a strategic retreat on the question. Far from being the rabid bombshell many (in Russia) expected, DSB copped out on almost every issue. Predictably, they ’conclude’ that it must have been a BUK missile, though their evidence is horrible and one sided. But they ’can’t say for sure’ who was in control of the area from which it was fired, and say flat out that this conclusion is outside their purview. Moreover, they blame the Ukes for not closing airspace and mention the ’helpfulness’ of the Russian satellite data. Again, all complete crapt, but it proves a couple things: they are unwilling to go the extra mile and openly accuse Russia again. They imply that Russia did it, but openly admit they can’t prove it.

Naturally, this plays neatly into the hands of the aforementioned Wild Things of the corporate press in New York, Washington, London, Amsterdam and so on. There is enough there to keep spinning their tired narrative and save as much face as possible without having to prove it. But this proves to me that the international phase of the Ukraine crisis is really over. The cracks are ever more evident in the western facadee, where the Euros are increasingly less willing to engage in the crazed Russophobia their US puppetmasters would like.

There will be no new round of sanctions, no new round of overt hostility outside of the US/Anglo bubble, and no ’counter-measures’ of any real significance. The Germans are tired of the sanctions hurting their own economy, French farmers are up in arms, and now 70% of brits think that Putin is doing the right thing in Syria.

It’s a different world, and this—what was supposed to be the Crown Jewel of US Russia bashing propaganda—has more or less fallen flat, after the usual growling from expected quarters and the idiocy of the US ’election’ circus (what I call the Who is Willing to Bomb Russia First Club). Russia’s move in Syria has embarrassed and exposed US foreign policy for what it is—basically state sponsored terrorism. The shock of the LCAM barrage launched from the Caspian Sea is still sinking in, though certain immediate steps have already been taken, such as the quiet withdrawal, without fanfare, of a US aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf (Yikes! Just how far can those missiles *go* anyway?), the CYA ’ramping up’ of US attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq (whatever that means), and the more or less permanent puncturing of the Assad-must-go meme.

We are not done with false flags, empty propaganda, sabre rattling and general meddling. The empire will push back. Trial balloons like the bogus CNN story of how the astonishingly accurate LCAMs landed in Iran, or how the Turks shot down a Russian plane, or how the RAF is authorized to shoot down Putin’s planes over *Syria* (!) have all been popped. There will be more Gulf of Tonkins, more Iraqi WMDs, more Ghouta chemical attacks, any one of which could be used again to stir the beleaguered western ’democracies’ and their masses to war. This one, I think and hope—at least for now—is a dud (rhymes with Scud).

(c) 2015 Daniel Patrick Welch. Reprint permission granted with credit and link to Political analyst, writer, linguist and activist Daniel Patrick Welch lives and writes in Salem, Massachusetts, with his wife. Together they run The Greenhouse School. Welch has also appeared in numerous television and radio interviews, and can be available for comment and analysis as his day job permits.

Friday, 2 October 2015


Commemorating the Life of Radical Kenyan Trade Unionist and National Liberation Activist Makhan Singh

Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS, 
7-9pm Mon 05 Oct, 2015

[Facebook event page]

This event commemorates the life of Makhan Singh (1913-1973) who was a radical trade unionist, revolutionary, and activist in Kenya. He was imprisoned, detained, and exiled for over 15 years by the colonial authorities in India and Kenya for his outspoken stance on the imperatives of national liberation of the East African Territories. He dedicated his life to social, economic and political liberation and was an ardent campaigner for the rights of all workers in Kenya in speaking out against the regimes of colonialism and imperialism.

The event will not only highlight this important yet overlooked labour and anti-colonial history but will also bring together voices of activists, family members, and commentators who will reflect on this history of the labour movement in Kenya and on Makhan Singh’s life.

An edited volume (edited by Shiraz Durrani, Vita Books: London) which explores various aspects of Makhan Singh’s life will be released at this event.

Judith Heyer, Emeritus Fellow, Somerville College, University of Oxford
Mary Davis, Visiting Professor in Labour History, Royal Holloway, University of London
Shiraz Durrani, Kenyan activist in exile; (Retired) Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University
Sukant Chandan, activist and film-maker
Dr. Inderjit Jabbal-Gill (Daughter of Makhan Singh)
Arvinder S. Jabbal (Grandson of Makhan Singh)

This event will be chaired by Dr Navtej Purewal.


The 'west' and Russia and war in Syria: what they say, what they actually do:

The 'west' say: they are fighting the Syrian govt and also terrorists.

What they are actually doing: fighting to overthrow the Syrian govt and support all and every manner of death squads including especially al-qaeda branch 'Jabhan Nusra' and also 'Isis' (Isis is supported by the brits, yanks, and french even though they say they are against them, the west use their regional allies esp gulf monarchies to do so)

What Russia says: Support the legitimate independence and sovereign govt of Syria.

What Russia does: Support the legitimate independence and sovereign govt of Syria.

The west say: we bomb Isis in Syria to defend the Kurds

What they actually do: partition many countries they interfere with including defacto partition of Iraq, Libya and Syria as a result of installing sectarian allies

What the west do: Use the Kurds to try and look like the west aren't really deep in bed with isis and death squads, and use the Kurds to try and partition Syria.

Russia says: We have intervened at the invitation of the Syrian govt to fight isis and all terrorists who seek to destroy the Syrian govt and army which is the only viable force that can hold Syria together and defeat isis and other death squads.

What Russia does: intervene at the invitation of the Syrian govt to fight isis and all terrorists who seek to destroy the Syrian govt and army which is the only viable force that can hold Syria together and defeat isis and other death squads.

The west says: we are the champions of peoples human rights in Syria and Libya etc.

What the west do: finance, train, support, facilitate the most depraved sectarian armed gangs in Syria and elsewhere.

Russia says: we defend the rights of non-western countries from bullying nato.

What Russia does: tries to defend the rights of non-western countries from bullying nato.

The west says: we have been bombing Syria for months to attack isis.

What the west does: hardly any strategic advance against isis in Syria and Iraq for many many months, but they continue to covertly support isis proliferation and other death squads.

What Russia says: we are assisting Syrian govt in fighting the terrorists.

What Russia does: within a few days Russia has been very effective in targeting western-backed armed gangs and have the west and their pathetic hangers on in an utter state of panic and disbelief.

The Global South peoples and countries raise a big hurrah and eagerly await more unity and more alliance building of the people of the region, Russia and others to have an almighty push back on this imperialist death squad project.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Thursday, 1 October 2015



Russia is not an Imperialist Power
And how Marx, Lenin and Decolonial analysis proves this to be the case

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
01 Oct 2015

‪Referencing #‎Syria‬ and a kinda thorough argument as to why Russia (and China, India, Brazil, Iran etc) are NOT 'imperialists' nor are they 'sub-imperiaists'

With Russia being invited by the Syrian government to step up in assisting countering and defeating Britain, France and the USA's deaths squads in the country, with this relative upsurge in the defence of Syria that has been resisting a combined global imperialist attack against it for over 4 years, we hear those who echo the leading Nato powers in claiming Russia is an 'imperialist' country, or "Russian militarism" to quote a well known english left leader at the moment. It is not anything of the sort. Here I attempt to lay out why it is not, and why the western, actually imperialist or neocolonial left, seek to state that it is:

Colonialism, empires, and 'imperialism' is an ancient phenomenon, whose common nature includes the acquisition of lands beyond the original state, this acquisition is done through violence, but the degree of violence and state craft depends from incident to incident, and varies according to each empire and its historical moment(s). Nearly every region of the world has seen such empires for millennium. That's not to justify them at all, its just a fact. On an ethical level of judgement, I oppose all empires and colonialism, none of them should be a model for us today, and historically especially in the modern world many of our peoples have to overcome the legacies of these empires made much worse by the colonial experience which tended to (and continues) to champion and celebrate them but distorts them into a mirror reflection of european colonialism, and then encourages us to internalise them and then project that onto ourselves and others.

The genesis of what we understand MODERN imperialism, ie., the development of west european and north american-based modern capitalism/imperialism while sharing the common feature with ancient empires in the sense of acquisition of territories beyond the 'original', 'home' or 'mother country', the similarities end there.

Modern european capitalism has many very specific features which are unique to itself and cannot be conflated with ancient empires nor can it be conflated with countries like Russia.

This has been well analysed by Marx and Engels, developed by Lenin and Mao and others, and also one has to add decolonial theory of 'coloniality' into the mix, decoloniality exists to a large extent in Marx, Lenin and Mao's theories, but is not sufficient imho, and likewise, decoloniality tends to lacks in some cases but not at all (for example many good decolonials in our actual Global South struggles allied to Morales, Chavez, Maduro, Castro, Lula/Dilma, ZANUPF, ANC and many others) a viable and reality-based actually existing struggle of resistance and liberation against imperialist oppression.

Lenin defines five characteristics of modern imperialism, and by 'imperialism' he means and I also mean when I use the term the modern big capitalist-colonial countries. I will go through these point by point and after each point point out how this is not relevant to Russia nor the other countries stated above:

"(1) the concentration of production and capital, creating monopolies which play a decisive role in economic life";

- The state in Russia, which is a continuation of the security (KGB) and military (Red Army) elites of the Soviet period (from 1917-1991) are in the final analysis in charge of the economic and political life of the country, the monopolies are not. This elite is steeped in a world outlook and policies which confronts and is hostile to imperialism.

"(2) the merging of bank capital with industrial capital, and the creation, on the basis of this “finance capital”, of a financial oligarchy";

- There is to some limited extent a financial oligarchy, except they are not oligarchical in the sense that they have any leading role in Russian life, no, it is the aforementioned security and military class that is leading Russia. Putin's ascendance to the Russian elite and leadership signalled the END of the western imperialism imposed looting of state assets and the bringing to power of a totally anti-Russian economic elite that was breaking the country down. Putin imposed a political terror and purge of this.

"(3) the export of capital as distinguished from the export of commodities acquires exceptional importance";

- A fundamental premise of my general analysis is that Russia does not have 'capital' in the sense that it exists, 'capital' of west europe and north america (and Australia) has a totally different nature based on the world conceptualisation of modern colonialism, more of this shortly.

"(4) the formation of international monopolist capitalist associations which share the world among themselves."

- Russia is not and has never been at the table of Nato and the imperialists in which the imperialists accept Russia's role AT ALL on the world scene, rather the imperialists have always and continue to develop a policy of open war against Russia, encircling it militarily, and seeking ti downgrade its global allies. This policy is not going well at all!

'(5) the territorial division of the whole world among the biggest capitalist powers is completed."

- Russia is RESISTING in PARTNERSHIP with the Global South this division of the world by the imperialist powers. Just a few examples of this is Russia's direction political and military support to 'latin' American nations such as Venezuela and Cuba. The Russians had a joint military naval exercise with the Venezuelans in 2007 in the Caribbean waters, this was a major historical victory of the global anti-imperialist movement, so much so, the imperialist media did not want to let you know about it so kept very quiet. The Global South are very content and generally happy with Russia's support to them.

Lenin also developed a concept of the three contradictions of imperialism, being:

1, between Labour and Capital (global imperialist capitalists / imperialists / neo-colonialists)

- in the 'global class war', Russia stands on the frontline in defence of the first interest of the global working class which is not being destroyed by imperialism. I analyse this more deeply in this piece.

2, Between imperialist countries themselves

- Russia like every other country of the Global South seeks to exploit tensions between the imperialists for their own advantage, and Russia as well as China is doing this generally very well.

3, Between imperialist / 'oppressor nations' and oppressed nations or what some call the 'Global South' or 'Third World'

- In this contradiction, Russia clearly stands on the side of the 'oppressed nations'.

However, this is not at all enough to explore and identify the nature of imperialism, and if Russia fits that. Because imperialism is much more than just those five characteristics and the three contradictions.

So what else is it? What makes imperialism unique and totally distinct to ancient empires, colonialisms etc, is the world outlook of modern imperialism and the way this justified its unique and terrible, terrifying and dehumanising physical operations and dehumanising principles and ethics and world outlook.

Marx's Capital is in general the best analysis of physical capitalist-imperialism, but in one relatively short paragraph from his defining work - Capital - he sums up this uniqueness of infamous oppression: "The discovery of gold and silver in America, the extirpation, enslavement and entombment in mines of the aboriginal population, the beginning of the conquest and looting of the East Indies, the turning of Africa into a warren for the commercial hunting of black-skins, signalised the rosy dawn of the era of capitalist production. These idyllic proceedings are the chief momenta of primitive accumulation."

Here we see how irrelevant are the labels 'imperialist' to Russia, China and others. Capitalism exists in Russia and China and frankly exists to some extent in ALL countries of the world. However, it is uniquely in the european colonial-capitalist-imperialist experience that we see that its very system is underpinned by what Marx calls out: the extermination of whole native populations; the mass enslavement and TREATING LIKE CATTLE/ANIMALS (*chattel* slavery) African peoples; emptying whole regions of the world of their wealth. Marx is blunt: THIS is the dawn of this system.

In other places Engels states that the oppression of women and girls being also a fundamental aspect of this system, with the mass extermination of women and girls in the middle ages being part and parcel of the process of 'primitive accumulation' of this system of imperialism, the extermination of women in the middle ages was an integral part of the oppression of peasants and the theft of common lands and the land tilled by the peasants. No other power before or after has done these combination of things, and this is what makes imperialism nothing to do with Russia, actually Russia is in the leadership of assisting Humanity to push back on all these oppressions of imperialism.

However, the picture is still incomplete. And this is where decolonial theory is so important to marry into an anti-imperialist approach, and similarly the anti-imperialist approach and analysis must be married to the decolonial theory and analysis. Without this coupling, both are weakened and are in danger of negating themselves. Because modern imperialism/colonialism impacts ALL relations between humans and humans and humans and the world and universe, and on this universe issue, it also conducts a mental genocide against non/pre-colonial belief systems.

That is not to say that pre-colonial belief systems are essentially good and liberating, they too can be oppressive, but one has to admit that all pre-colonial systems are just incomparable to the conceptual and physical oppression of modern imperialism.

Decolonial theory helps us to move away from colonial contagions, such as recycling european colonial supremacists in Black and White garb such as manifested in the mirror images of this colonial supremacism in Muslim (Muslim Brotherhood and Qaeda/Isis formations), Hindu (BJP and RSS), Sikh (Khalistani etc), and other garbs. Also within anti-imperialist socialist experiences and processes it is important to understand that one cannot wish away colonial contagions in our people, countries and liberation struggles, but only through 'working through' actually liberation struggles in the resistance and defence of our peoples can we apply a holistic liberation project.

In conclusion: if one has a keen mind and eye as to the nature of modern colonialism/-capitalism/-imperialism/-'europe'/-'the west'/-'western democracy' one can clearly see how inapplicable this is to Russia and China etc.

Unfortunately the western/imperialist left and westernised left always tail the imperialists, they nearly always echo the conceptual and actual policies of oppression of the imperialists across the world. They consider Russia equitable to imperialism, hence they claim they are 'Russian militarists', and 'imperialists'. People like J Sakai in his very important work 'Settlers', Marx and Engels, and Lenin all observed that the imperialist system could only function if it bought off a considerable section of the working classes within the imperialist centre so as to stave off their potential sympathy with the global working class and peoples who were fighting imperialism, and its worked and continues to work a treat.

So imperialism always seeks to 'racialise', or put outside of humanity or into the 'zone of non-being' (Fanon) all peoples they want to attack and destroy, the most vicious racialised assaults are visited upon darker peoples, but skin deep very light people can also be put into a dehumanised state ready for destruction such as some 'white' or even 'blonde' people that are in part constituent of the peoples of Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Eastern Ukraine and frankly Russians are also defined in an imperialist white supremacist dehumanised manner.

Like in EVERY country of ours, there are problems of racism in Russia, but Russia has a leadership which also provides frameworks in pushing back against that, examples of this are Russia's leading alliances with Africa (Mugabe and others being their closest allies); its critique and on-going hostility to racial supremacism, for example in perhaps the most important show of unity and strength of Russia along with its allies (Zimbabwe, South Africa, India, and others) on the 70th anniversary of the victory against fascism Putin said: "We must not forget that the ideas of racial supremacy and exclusiveness had provoked the bloodiest war ever".

And finally but surely not least is Russia's leading part on the global stage of defending our Homelands from the imperialists.

What is needed is GREATER unity between Russia and the bigger and more assertive Global South countries and the entire Global South community, and this is developing apace.

Russia's upgraded entry into the defence of Syria against the imperialist death squad destruction project in alliance with Iraq and Iran as well, is a major important development for the continued existence and liberation of our Homelands.

We need MORE military defence pacts between our countries, we need MORE strategic military alliances between our countries to push back and defeat once and for all this supremacist genocidal system.

Russia and others are not imperialists, they are our vanguard defenders against the real purveyors of the greatest violence ever visited upon Humanity this last 500 years.

These oppressors must be defeated and they will ONLY be defeated by Russia and others allying with us more closely, and our job is to advocate for the positive alliances and unity and building towards greater unity.