Thursday, 5 November 2015


As the former colonial power in Egypt sees protests in its capital city (London) against the visit from the Egyptian head of state organised by age old agents of the brits the Muslim brotherhood, intriguing things continue in relation to the Sinai passenger jet disaster. It's important to remember that Egypt is facing a full blown imperialist death squad project itself supported by the near full spectrum of eurocentric liberals, left's through to the usual pro death squad forces using and abusing Islam.

As I said before I speculate that this could be a revenge act on Russia and its burgeoning and deepening strategic alliance with Egypt, as Egypt edges out of the imperialist orbit into the leading global South alliance. Egypt has openly stated it supports the Syrian governments invitation of Russia to clean up imperialist death squads in Syria.

While Russian experts search through the wreckage of the crash site, the brits and yanks have stated they think it was done by Daesh (so called 'Isis'), having rushed to state that this is Daesh before the Russians and Egyptians have made their official findings public. The yanks and brits stating things like this points to three things: 1, that the Brits and yanks have had some hand in this terrorist act, the bbc news just now stated openly this information would have come from the brit Intel services, which usually means that they have had at least some facilitating role or AT LEAST looked the other way as Daesh was preparing this attack, 2, that they would like this terrorist act to have happened and 3, they are seeking the squeeze and punish Egypt for moving away from its orbit.

More so, britain in neocolonial sabotage style it first employed on Tunisia recently the Brits have cancelled flights from and to Egypt!! BBC news had a feature now making out that Egypt is failing to fight terrorism and basically the Egyptian state is useless. The Egyptian government has protested vigorously against this act of industrial and political sabotage stating that this is a decision made in too much haste and that this move directly adversely impacts Egyptian people's livelihood.

While the Egyptians have a primary vested interest not to ratchet confrontation with those forces (USA, UK, gulf monarchies, Turkey and 'israel') who are perhaps behind this terrorist act against the passenger jet, Russia has been a lot more bold in not ruling out terrorism as a possible cause.

My first thoughts when I first heard about the airplane crash has been further positively informed especially by the ritual move to stop the flights that this has been a punishment and warning to Egypt in relation to Russia and Syria.

As Mao said, imperialism often lifts up a heavy rock to drop it on its own feet, and this hit on the plane and subsequent actions and noises from the imperialists point to them giving an ultimatum to Egypt: either come back into our camp or you will get even more of our terrorism than you have been subjected to. Egypt seems to have not wanted to make a sudden and total break with imperialism and the gulf monarchies, they would prefer to have a balanced non-aligned relationship with them and the global South, however the global and regional situation will not and cannot allow Egypt to play it's east-west balancing game. Egypt will probably try to keep this balance however if the imperialist and regional allies continue with upping their pressure on Egypt as they seem to be doing could possibly MAYBE push Egypt into more drastic actions. By drastic I mean only a real tough and big shift of a massive military alliance with Russia and possibly linked to Syria will make imperialism and its regional allies to think twice before continuing with their imperialist death squad war against Egypt.

Whatever happens, Egypt will be pushed to make the jump. It has no other choice and while Sisi would like to keep things quiet as possible for Egypt, he is also a patriot who seeks to neutralise death forces and to protect and promote Egypt as a central Muslim and Arab country, the last biggest army and biggest population of the Arab world.

- Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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