Tuesday, 25 June 2013


7,650 Venezuelans participated in the parade of the Battle of Carabobo

Caracas, 24 Jun. AVN.- A total of 7,650 civilians and Bolivarian Army soldiers participated in the June 24 parade to commemorate 192 years of the Battle of Carabobo, a decisive battle for the independence of Venezuela, reported Brigadier General Carlos Leal Tellería, head of the 41st Armored Brigade, the spearhead of the Venezuelan Army and commander of the Integrated Defense Operational area (ZODI).

"There are 7,650 fighting men and women, patriots, revolutionaries, socialists, anti-imperialists and Chavista people representing the Bolivarian Army and its people, willing to take up the legacy of (Simon) Bolivar, (Francisco de) Miranda, (Antonio Jose de) Sucre, (Jose Francisco) Bermudez, (Ambrosio) Plaza, (Manuel) Cedeño and Negro Primero, who sacrificed their lives to give us our precious freedom," he told when asking for permission to the Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

Also, Brigadier General said that today's soldiers and the people are committed "more than ever to defend the most precious thing we have regained, thanks to our eternal Supreme Commander of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Chavez: our homeland and our independence."

Today while commemorating the 192 anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo, where 6,500 patriots were victorious over 4,279 royalist soldiers, Carabobo field has become the "ultimate expression of unity," he added.

"We are in Carabobo, where the people became army and fought to be free. Here we are in these savannas of Carabobo, which are the ultimate expression of unity for all of us, the patriots and evoke the sublime heroism when the liberating army of the people attended this savannah, to tell the world that we are and will always be a free and independent country," said the head of the 41st Armored Brigade.

Also, Brigadier General said that the army and the people stay firm about remaining free: "Here we are very firm, with loaded bayonet, ready to continue this fight until we see consolidated the great nation dreamed by our Liberator Simon Bolivar and our eternal supreme commander, Hugo Chavez."

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