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imperialism will speed up regime change against SA/ANC after Nelson Mandela's passing

With the seeming deterioration of health of Nelson Mandela, the passing of this great revolutionary will see the intensification of contradictions in South Africa. The situation is rather complex, but the contradictions are basically between a political project which unites forces under the de facto leadership of the ANC, which seeks to protect the independence and socialist-oriented trajectory (if not actuality at this historical moment) of South Africa. On the other hand and in contradiction and tension with this former political pole, is that we have an alliance of liberals through to the straight up pro-empire forces of the right, this is al alliance similar to that which we have seen in the Arab Sting developments in North Africa and Syria: ie., western backed and encouraged liberal and even seemingly grassroots radical forces who are de facto allied to those openly in alliance with imperialism for many decades.

This is what is emerging in South Africa, and below we can see one of the more honest right wing forces of the Democratic Alliance, but it will be the opposition forces to the ANC which are to some extent and will develop into the more important trojan horse for imperialist interests in South Africa. This is the case as it would be unwise and foolish of imperialism to encourage obvious right wing white supremacist forces to conduct their dirty work, rather imperialism prefers to conduct its operation at least in the public realm in media etc through Black and Brown skin, as with the case of the Arab Sting and as with the case of the so-called Movement for Democratic Change in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which has long been known to be backed and financed by british imperialism.

Although perhaps brother Julius Malema played some of his politics unwisely in recent years (please see archived posts on Malema on this site) the way in which imperialism panicked and clearly made moves to pressure the situation internally in South Africa to marginalise Malema points to the fear that imperialism still has on an emerging leadership that will tap into the masses of the ANC and South African peoples who are clamouring for thorough land reform and other socialist measures to counter the on going white supremacist grip on South Africa's economy despite some partial gains of the Revolution there which overthrew formal white settler rule.

This article below indicates clearly that the ANC leadership are well aware of the moves afoot by imperialism and its allies in South Africa. We should expect these relations and contradictions to intensify and not fall for the empire-liberal mind tricks coming out of places like aljazeero news channel, and other important empire-liberal tools of our enemies.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

The ANC fears a british-South African white nationalist plot


South Africa’s spooks are zooming in on the “suspiciously” cosy relationship between the DA and Britain.

A senior government official, who is also a high-ranking ANC leader, confirmed to City Press that the State Security Agency had increased analysis and surveillance.

The ruling party has been uncomfortable with the closeness between the two parties of late.

Issues that have fuelled the unease in the past three months include:

» A meeting last week between Western Cape Premier and DA leader Helen Zille and British government officials, including High Commissioner Nicola Brewer, where Zille allegedly asked for 10% of all investment in South Africa to come to the Western Cape. Zille denies this;

» A visit by Zille with a tourism delegation from the province to London earlier this month, where she told the SA Chamber of Commerce the ANC would split in the next seven years; and

» Former Zille adviser Ryan Coetzee’s appointment as adviser to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg this month.

“There is something deeper than meets the eye and South African security has to analyse that,” the official said.

He said government was concerned that “an aggressive onslaught” from Britain and other European countries would undermine South Africa’s value-based approach to foreign policy.

The DA was establishing international relations to prepare for taking over government after the 2019 or 2024 general elections, the source said.

Another high-ranking government official said the closeness between the British and the DA was similar to the British backing the MDC in Zimbabwe to overthrow the “hostile” government of President Robert Mugabe.

The matter is set to be discussed at the ANC’s third International Solidarity Conference, which kicks off on Thursday.

Zille said the story sounded like an April Fool’s joke.

“Is someone occupying a parallel universe somewhere? Or is this part of the ongoing ‘Zanufication’ of the ANC?”

She said in London she spoke positively about South Africa’s future. She met High Commissioner Zola Skweyiya and “had positive feedback every time”.

She was also interviewed by CNN, the Financial Times and The Economist, among others.

She said the DA’s relationship with Britain was “professional, as with all other governments with which South Africa has diplomatic relationships”.

The DA previously complained that they were being spied on.

State Security spokesperson Brian Dube said the agency “is guided by a need to uphold national security guided by the Constitution and national laws. In this regard, the agency does not interfere in normal political activities”.

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