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[Verse 1]

If you don't like what you singing, you sing a different hook
If you don't like what you cooking, you get a different cook
If you don't like what you wearing, you get a different look
You wanna escape Armageddon, read a different book
When knowledge is right there, we don't even look
December 2012 got this whole world shook
But look, the last days for others are the first days for us
The question to ask is who can you trust
Respect to all that 2012 stuff
But when you really study it it's fear, it don't apply to us
Yo, Hollywood lies to us, all day
The question is what does your culture say
Where's your culture at?
Who's your prophet?
What history guides your spiritual logic?
It starts with a story, then it's hypnotic
Then any myth that comes along, you just adopted it
Why? Because your culture, you forgot it
December 2012, let's continue this topic
Turn the page, the present world age
Began 3114 BC
According to the Mayan calendar, this age concludes December 21st 2012 AD
This 5125 years cycle of calm is one world age
Nothing changes overnight, it's all a process
A transition, it happens over many days
In the Mayan calculation a K'in, is one day
The Mayan Winal, that's 20 days
The Tun is 360 days
A K'atun is 7200 days
The B'ak'tun is 144,000 days
And they applied that to the Milky Way
In the cycles they saw the sun
Moving across the Milky Way's equator
Lining up with other galactic neighbors
We've been shifting for 30 years it seems
From 1980 to about 2016
The shift is now, it's occurring now
But if you're learning from the movies you won't know how to survive
Or stay alive after the storm
Cause after that a new world order is born
Oh, you don't know, man? About they programs?
You still watching Lindsay, you don't see that low hand?
Let go, man, the flood is coming
Don't be scared, get prepared, keep your motor running
Rock with me

Higher level

[Verse 2]
Yep, it's all mass control, here's the philosophy
Cortés knew about the Aztec prophecy
Before he invaded their society
He studied their cultural psychology
He knew they had armor, guns, and steeds
So he arrived in the Aztec year 1-Reed
That's the year Quetzalcoatl
Was prophecized to return from exile in fact
Cortés played out the Aztec myth
And took away those people's will to resist
Cortés played on religious beliefs
And blinded the Aztecs, cause he was a thief
Look, the Yucatan, that's a Mayan book of cycles
It lets the Mayans know when the Gods are gonna strike you
In fact, every 13 K'atuns you see
The Mayans were visited with a catastrophe
So every 200 and 56 or 7 years
The Mayan people lived with this fear
So on the island of Tayasal now Flores
The Spanish came armed with this knowledge
They knew according to the Mayan heavens
That the next cycle was 1697
So as the Mayans stood there fixed on the heavens
The Spanish showed up with all of their weapons
March 13th, 1697
The Mayan people learned a terrible lesson
Your fears and tears are used against you
Cause 80% of world control is mental
But back to the Mayans, they getting some more
257 years after Tayasal
A US-backed coup overthrows their democracy in 1954
That's exactly 257 years from when the Spaniards arrived at their shores
I'm getting to the core of the lesson
Lets see what happens in 2211
That's the next cycle, that people remember
Like 2012, the 21st of December
The consciousness may shift, you may turn the light
But you are the universe, you're gonna be alright
The pole may shift, your soul may lift
To higher consciousness but you know all this
The Edutainment style will persist
Forget the fear, it's knowledge that runs all this


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Starts at 39:55

Major respect and thanks to Brother Scotty Reid from Black Talk Radio, and wishing his projects and work all the best - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Saturday, 20 October 2012


[I have verified the translation, and it is accurate - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm ]

English Translation - Moussa Ibrahim audio message 20.10.2012

In the Name of God, the Great, and in the name of Fatah the great. Salute to all of you, freedom fighters of Libya. I am Dr. Moussa Ibrahim and I am talking to you today...after watching the country under the criminals of NATO...I am here to tell them that we still have power, we still strong with God's help, and we trust our selfs that our duty is to bring safety to our country after all these killings, stealing that brought in our country the rats of NATO.

But today, after all these false news that are spreading via bbc, Al Arabyia, I have to tell you that all these is just to take the world's eye off what is really happening, and what are doing the NATO fighter to our families in Bani Walid. Its obvious from photos and videos that people of Bani Walid, women, kids, men have been killed by aircraft attacks in their homes and by all these criminals from misrata that are carrying guns. and this is all happening cause they are threatening the people of Jamahyryia to not stand by people of Bani Walid and they "thought" to talk about Moussa Ibrahim and Khamis Al Qaddafi.

We are outside Libya, we have nothing to do with Bani Walid, we are not even to a place near Bani Walid.

they are hiting Bani Walid, they know that Bani Walid is a big tribe, Bani walid has geographical very important place and it's tribe has a strong meaning for the country, so they are afraid for what is going to happen between the tribes of Libya. After all that what is happening now to Bani Walid has nothing to do with the regime this is clash between tribes, and after what happened to our leader Qaddafi and Seif Al islam , the channels of bbc, al arabyia, al jazeeraare spreading false news about Khamis Al Qaddafi and Moussa Ibrahim and other people, and this is the proof about these lies.

But our families that still in Bani Walid and with God's help we will be back to them ...But shame on you. Shame on you Libyans this is not about Moammar Al Qaddafi or not, shame on that a whole tribe, a whole Libyan city is attacked and cut into pieces, killing its children, women and men and you are just watching.

You have to think that this is not about policy, you have to think this is about the dignity of Libyans. These people which attacks this city have no dignity, no beliefs, they have no brothers, they have no feeling of their nationality.

They lied about us , they told that we killed, they are the ones who killed people, they told we killed children, infact they killed children, they told we were stealing they are the ones who still stealing, and they brought the country under a demon western leadership.

Moammar Qaddafi was the man who cares about Libya, he was for the best of Libya , yes there were problems but these problems were resolving by conversation but all these traitors sold everything.

Please Libyans who have nothing to do with this mess, stand by the city, help the city, cause history will remain, history will write that Bani Walid cut in pieces, its people massacred and the western tribes were just watching.

I have to tell many thanks the thousands of people who contacted on FB, via Paltalk, twitter and by telephone. But my life is not worth more than other men from the regime who martyred and today on 20 October 2012, or the people who remains in jails.

I still have Moammar al Qaddafi as my leader, Libya still my country and NATO is my enemy. Thank you very much and i hope that we will meet soon on our land that has been betrayed.

Thank you and let the God guide you!


Resistance Brief from Libya on 20 October 2012

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

Here is evidence to the injury and death to the civilians of Bani Walid by nato's death squads and the junta in Libya.

This is the information I have received from numerous Libyan contacts both inside and outside the country.

There have been big explosions at the Mitiga International Airport next to Tripoli, rumoured to be connected to the resistance against the seige of Bani Walid, a town near Tripoli of over 80,000 people which has become the hub of the new Libyan Revolution, or what I prefer to call the Thawra Asli, ie., the Real Libyan Revolution.

In solidarity with the Bani Walid resistance the Wershafana tribe took control of a military base near Tripoli and closed the highway there.

There are reports of clashes taking place at the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli, again a response to the siege of Bani Walid.

In Bani Walid itself, the resistance has captured 14 armed vehicles from nato's death squads (grossly misnamed the 'rebels' by some).

And thus far, the death squads from Misrata have been defeated by the resistance in Bani Walid.

While the nato junta in Libya are reeling and shocked by the defiance and strength of the resistance, they and their nato masters have been putting out quite pathetic psychological white-ops reports of the supposed capture of Moussa Ibrahim, former Jamahirya press spokesperson, and Khamis Gaddafi, who has been reported captured and killed innumerable times.

This all points clearly to the fact that the nato Libyan junta and reeling and scrambling to get a hold on the situation.


The Significance of the Martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi
White Power sacrifice of Che Guevara, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba & Muammar Gaddafi

Sukant Chandan
Sons Of Malcolm
20 October 2012

One year on from the martyrdom of Muammar Gaddafi, it is important that we reflect and discuss the nature of the murder of Gaddafi and its related issues and dynamics. Black and Brown peoples, comprising 92% of the word population, are frequently subjected to brutal attack, injury and murder by the western white power structure. More precisely, the non-stop promotion and propagation of this annihilation of Black and Brown resistance and peoples is a constant theme in their media, in TV, gaming, internet, film and music.

For white imperialism this is an integral and an important part of their campaign of escalating oppression and domination of the world. Their domination is only successful if our people are convinced that their resistance to this domination is futile and that actually we will meet torture and death as a result of our defiance.

Although they cannot prevent the "rise of a Black Messiah", they must show that these 'Messiahs' will be killed off without mercy, and the psychological political impact on our people, especially our youth, is that they must stay well away from resistance, or else.

Never before have we witnessed the promotion of the killing of an opponent of the 'west' as that in the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi. In modern times we have seen many of our leading and brilliant fighters being lynched and it being plastered all over the media so as to seer into our psyches that this is what we are worth, and this is our fate.

Some readers might put their own political opinions above that of understanding the mechanisms of our enemies in their psychological and actual wars against us. Some readers might not like Gaddafi so much, but might sympathise more with Osama Bin Laden, or might not like Saddam Hussein but like Che Guevara more.

Perhaps what is missing in these opinions is how our enemy - white imperialism - seeks to attack us all through the killing of these people. This does not mean one must agree with every part of these different political figures ideology, I personally am not in agreement with the ideology of Al-Qaeda, nevertheless, I understand what message against us collectively our enemy is conveying when they killed Zarqawi or Bin Laden; these political figures are in many ways manufactured by our enemy, but the way they are promoted and demonised in the media is done to attack all resistance.

The way Al-Qaeda has been initiated, manipulated, directed, promoted and demonised all by the same white imperialists, is a complex relationship that requires its own articles and analysis. The main point to make is that those seeking to liberate our peoples should not fall for sectarian and divisive political positions as a result of the enemy's tricks, but with vigilance constantly oppose the enemy's agenda against us.

The martyred body of Muammar Gaddafi reminds one of previous lynchings of our leading liberation figures such as Patrice Lumumba. Lumumba's fate was partially sealed when in front of the former belgian colonisers and the king of belgium he defiantly corrected the belgian prince that independence for the Congo was won through the efforts of African revolutionaries and not by the kindness of the colonisers. This can be paralleled with Gaddafi's defiance when he was chair of the united nations when he made one of the most revolutionary and militant speeches ever heard in recent times whereby he demanded over $700 billion reparations to Africa from the former colonisers and denouncing the united nations security council as the 'council for state terrorism'.

Gaddafi was too honest, too militant, too internationalist a 'third world' leader to be allowed to get away with giving such leadership to the masses of the Global South and Africa in particular.

Lumumba, like Gaddafi, was captured by death squads working for white imperialism but not white themselves, who paraded and murdered Lumumba as a lesson to the Congolese and their friends across the world.

Che Guevara was perhaps the greatest exponent of concrete and effective victory-oriented militant internationalism. He sought to build the broadest but most militant international front against white imperialism. He fought in Congo, Cuba, Bolivia and was one of our greatest internationalist symbols. Once our enemy got their hands on him, he was similarly executed and paraded for the world to see that this is the fate of someone who defies the empire. Again, it was not white hands that did the dirty work of murdering him.

At a time of intense political hysteria and repression, Malcolm X confidently defied this atmosphere of intimidation of the usa state and white supremacy and openly celebrated all resistance across the world against the western white power structure. Malcolm X travelled the world in his latter life and made concrete links and cause with the liberation movements across the three southern continents but especially in Africa, the Arab and Middle East regions. He advocated that the struggle in north America for Black Liberation is one and the same revolutionary struggle with that of the countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. One of the primary reasons Malcolm X died was that he was making successes in linking up international friends and allies with that of the Black Liberation Movement in the usa. He was the personification of the bridge between the homelands and the diaspora. This was too much for white imperialism, so they ensured that Malcolm X was killed in public, and, again, by hands that were not white. The role of the sell out is a constant in these actions of the white power structure.

"Every brother ain't a brother / 'cause a Black hand squeezed on Malcolm X the man / the shootin of Huey Newton / from the hand of N** who pulled the trigger"
- Chuck D, from rap group Public Enemy, lyrics from Welcome to the Terrordome

They say the pen is stronger than the sword,
But the sword'll give any house n**** his just reward
- P-Dog, from rap group Paris, lyrics from Sleeping with the Enemy

One article or book cannot do justice to what Muammar Gaddaf achieved for the Libyan people since his revolution of just over forty years ago on 1st September 1969; for that which he achieved for Africa and the Arab world and Middle East; and for that which he achieved and was further planning for the international struggle against imperialism. Libya became the most developed and prosperous country collectively for all the people; Gaddafi supported the Pan-Africanism like no one since the great Kwame Nkrumah; for what he was achieving in assisting and helping the Black and Brown masses within the imperialist heartlands of the west.

These accomplishments are without comparison from any other anti-imperialist leader, especially on the arena of international struggle. Gaddafi supported our movements across the world much more than any other leader ever did. On a grassroots level he supported movements from the Native American movement, to the All African Peoples Revolutionary Party and the Nation of Islam, from the Irish freedom fighters of the Irish Republican Army (supplying them with weapons to fight on for another century), to the Black Revolution in Azania/South Africa to the Native people of Australia. On a state level, his support for Chavez and Morales is well documented, from Pakistan, Iran (who unfortunately did not reciprocate the support Gaddafi gave to them), to India and many other countries.

The common themes between Che, Malcolm X and Gaddafi are that they were successfully developing the international united front of struggle. The other common theme is that the hands of internal enemies that murdered them all. And finally the nature of their horrific deaths is paraded as a lesson to our peoples in the media.

In the last generation our youth have witnessed many a brutal killing of symbols of resistance and defiance of the Global South. The execution of Saddam Hussein which despite whatever one thinks of him showed him to be a man who stares death in the face with total dignity and courage. Although he was not killed as dramatically, Yasser Arafat's departure from his beloved homeland having been most likely poisoned and holed up in his headquarters in Ramallah was a very sad day for the Palestinian Revolution, which has suffered terribly since his departure.

The non-stop maiming and injury and death of our elderly, men, women and children in Palestine, Lebanon, across Africa especially in DR Congo, in Iraq and Afghanistan while white soldiers injury and death is never shown is a clear and straight forward message that one group of people are less than human, and another are the super race. Few of us seriously address the damaging psychological impact this reality and the broadcasting of the plight of our people in the white media has on ourselves and on our youth especially.

With the changing situation with the rise of the Global South, one would have thought that once nato aggresses another one of our countries after Iraq, that we would be able to withstand and fight it back. One would have hoped that not another generation of our children would be subjected to the trauma of seeing a leader of our homelands being lynched by the work of the white man. Libya proved that this sentiment was totally and devastatingly misplaced, and the world witnessed the greatest most barbaric promotion of the killing of one of our greatest in the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi.

To this day the white imperialist media and their allies present the torture and murder of Gaddafi has something done by Libyan rebels. As with the murder of Gaddafi as with the whole Libyan operation, it was overwhelmingly conducted by nato. Everyone who has an ounce of objectivity knows that without nato the Libyan death squads could not have lasted two days. And the death squads and their representatives, who now fill Libyan embassies around the world, understand this themselves very well.

Muammar Gaddafi was not found in any drainage tunnel, a cursory look at the alleged tunnels clearly shows that they are different tunnels. Rather than the work of the militarily useless and idiotic death squads, the murder of Gaddafi was done by a yankee drone and french airstrike, admitted by the enemy media days after the martyrdom of Gaddafi: "First, a U.S. drone strike was called in with hellfire missiles and then French warplanes launched a second strike on the convoy as it sped west along the coastal highway." (source)

The enemy has slightly changed its story, but it essentially still points to the fact that Gaddafi was bombed by nato so badly that he was immobile, gravely injured and unable to move very far: "Hours before his death, a 50-car convoy of 250 fighters, including Gaddafi and his inner circle, had tried to male a break from Sirte where they had fled from Tripoli at the end of August. Two Nato missiles forced the group to abandon the cars and run off on foot." (source)

Like Che, Lumumba, Saddam Hussein, Malcolm X: the white imperialists have to create a false impression that it was actually non-white hands that carried out the dirty deed. Indeed the whole recent 'Arab spring' nato operation on the region is a ploy and trick to make people believe that it is anyone but nato benefiting from what has been put into motion and directed by nato itself.

President Obama himself is perhaps the most well known figure that is similarly used and abused, and he seems to allow himself to be used and abused with impunity (a classic symptom of a sell out) in order for white imperialism to achieve its strategic aims in the usa and across the world and most troubling in the current recolonisation of Africa.

The footage of Gaddafi's lynching by depraved death squads was splashed on every newspaper in the west; the footage of his torture and lynching has been shown time and time again on the television. We must ask ourselves that whatever our views on Gaddafi himself that this is an attack on the resistance of our peoples, on the successful internationalism of our struggle, and on the a symbol of leadership that stands up concretely and successfully for the most oppressed and despised people on this planet: the Black masses of Africa. The lynching of Gaddafi was very similar in nature to the lynching of countless thousands of non-Libyan Black Africans and Black Libyan by 'rebel' hands since the first day of the rebellion which was evident for all to see from that time. The lynching of Gaddafi was the white man saying to s all, and especially the most oppressed Black masses: this is what we can do to you, we can celebrate it and you are without recourse to self defence or even really advocating your cause.

The first anniversary of Muammar Gaddafi's martyrdom today is an occasion of us to redouble our solidarity with each other as Global South peoples united in one common trench of struggle for our liberation against our common enemies. It is only us that can defend us on a grassroots level, and on a multilateral state and national and internationalist level. The work of Gaddafi in finally defeating imperialism, in getting our resistant nations of the Global South to support their people in the diaspora of the west, of the development of effective internationalist mutual defence pacts against imperialist terror and attack, of raising the confidence of our peoples in struggle are the main aims of Gaddafi that have been given to us by Gaddafi himself and all our ancestors as some of the main means to achieve our collective liberation. While so many show weakness, we must really prove we are not fickle people, that we stay steady and strong on our path to total liberation for the totality of all our ancestors and peoples. Developing these strategies amongst others, developing countless successful initiatives and movements is the continuation of the work of Che, Lumumba, Malcolm and Muammar Gaddafi.

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Runoko Rashidi has pioneered scholarly work in the field of Original, Black, African and Native peoples across the world especially in his two books: African Presence in Asia and The African Presence in Early Europe.

I would encourage people to engage and benefit from Rashidi's activities when he comes to London in November this year. Details are below.

There is also a selection of youtube videos of Rashidi for readers benefit. Looking through the youtube videos of Rashidi I never knew until today that he spoke at a conference hosted by former mayor of London Ken Livingstone which cab be seen here and is posted below too.

Sukant Chandan - Sons of Malcolm


Come along and hear presentations on his new book about the African presence in Ancient Asia.

On FRIDAY 16 NOVEMBER 2012 from 7pm to 9.30pm

Dooglebud’s Bistro Lounge Bar

79, Whitehorse Road

Croydon, CRO 2JJ


To RESERVE A PLACE, text: 07508903634

On SATURDAY 17 NOVEMBER from 7pm to 9.30pm



To RESERVE A PLACE, text: 07508903634


On SUNDAY 18 NOVEMBER from 4.30pm to 7pm

Learie Constantine Centre

43-47, Dudden Hill Lane

London, NW10 2ET


To RESERVE A PLACE, text: 07508903634



A rare opportunity to experience a BRITISH MUSEUM GUIDED TOUR by world famous historian Dr. RUNOKO RASHIDI at the BRITISH MUSEUM on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November 2012 from 11am to 1pm.

Come along and see ancient African figures, and hear about their lives and
times in Ancient Egypt, Sudan and Nubia.

We will tour Room 4 (Ground Floor/Ancient Egypt/African Presence in the ancient Greek and Roman World) on Saturday and on Sunday (Room 65: Ancient Egypt, Sudan and Nubia).

TOUR CHARGE: £10 per person on each day.

To book your place, email:


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My sections at 07:51 and 17:24


Gaddafi was Swift, Determined and Successful in Expelling the Imperialists 
Liberation means expelling the white imperialists, not inviting them back to bomb and occupy you

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm
15 October 2012

Jonathan Bearman's book published in 1986 on Libya is the best book on the subject that I have come across. All the other books either omit vast facts of history, such as those books by Robert Bruce St John (probably 'the; authority on Libya from any writer in the 'west') which white washes the usa, brits and french role in Libya.

There is a spat of books that talk of Libya more recently, especially sine the fall of the Jamahirya, it's a shame that brother Vijay Prasad's book on Libya is also full of all kinds of omissions and distortions of what has taken place in Libya especially in the rapprochement period (post 1999) and since February 2011, quite a shame from someone who has made large part of his career in generally good book on the history of the Non-Aligned Movement and the anti-imperialist movement post second world war. I'll endeavour to review more of brother Prasad's book in the coming period.

The below extract from Bearman's book shows how the Libyan Revolution of 1st September 1969 led by Muammar Gaddafi (spelt 'Qadhafi' in the book) achieved concrete anti-strides within the first months and one or two years of the revolution, fulfilling the greatest Libyan patriot's mission - Omar Al-Mukhtar - to expel the colonialists from Libya.

This was achieved by the leadership of the Revolutionary Command Council, the leading body of the revolution with Gaddafi at its helm, it had a ideology of 'third world' nationalism/internationalism, Arab Nationalism and social justice, and was in many ways closely allied to and a protégé of neighbouring Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser, with Gaddafi naming the airbase in al-Adem and Tobruk after this great African and Arab after expelling the brits from their bases, which by the by was where the sas first operated in their existence.

The sas made a return to Libya in Febuary 2011 thanks to all those agents of the mi6, cia and French intelligence who went on to form their death squads, wrongly named 'rebels' who have with the help and facilitation of the brits, yanks and french and other nato powers turned Libya from a once most prosperous, peaceful and developed African state, into a torture states conducive for lunching Black people and patriots, destroying the peace between the tribes under Gaddafi into a mob state of 400 militias. We all know that the sas were operating with the rebels since the first days of the rebellion pointing to a much longer plan for regime change.

The below extract shows how the historic gains of the 1st Sepember al-Fatah Revolution of Gaddafi has been totally reversed. The hope remains that North Africans and Libyans will revisit the experience of the Revolution, see the many gains it made for the Libyan people and resistant-oppressed peoples across the world, and pursue a path of recapturing that strategy in new circumstances and new challenges.

Today the resistant town of Bani Walid is currently facing the full onslaught of these death squads and their nato masters, and are showing the world how a proud and defiant people stand tall for their tribe, land, families and dignity. Those who choose to justify what is happening to them and the Libyan people, and those who justify it are the enemies of the peoples, the enemy of Omar Al-Mukhtar, and God and the Ancestors will deliver the appropriate justice to them.

'The Expulsion of the Bases'
Qadhafi's Libya, Jonathan Bearman, 1986, Zed Books, pages 76-79 

For Libya's strategic patrons, Britain and the United States, the anti-colonial discourse embarked on by the new authorities had its most immediate and devastating impact in the elimination of their military bases. These were of no minor significance. The British and American military facilities in Libya added an extra dimension to the Western, NATO alliance, particularly regarding possible intervention in the region. The ranges around Wheelus Field and al-Adem were unrivalled in the scope they offered for military exercises. Whilst the RAF and USAF benefited from near perfect conditions for low level flying runs with live ammunition, in Cyrenaica the British retained access to terrain ideal for large scale practice manoeuvres. British and American resistance to the new regime's stated intention of expelling the foreign military presence was expected. For the United States in particular, the closure of Wheelus Field would be a strategic loss, affecting their military capacity in the region at a time when the Soviet presence in Egypt was growing.

The threat to the bases was the main concern in London and Washington after the sudden deposition of the monarchy. Indeed, the British and the Americans, in eschewing precipitous action in support of the Idris regime, had hoped to safeguard the future of their facilities in a fresh agreement with the new authorities. There was no guarantee, one the RCC's official position had become clear, that either country would comply without the exercise of force. Despite the pro forma denials of the British Foreign Office, it was common knowledge in the Arab world that the British had a contingency plan for intervention in Libya. As part of the 1953 Anglo-Libya treaty, a secret protocol was attached providing for the invasion of Libya in case of an emergency. Details of the plan, code named Operation Radford were obtained by the Egyptians in 1965 from an archivist at the British Ministry of Defence. Published in full in Al-Ahram, the plan called for the movement of British troops from Germany, Malta and Cyprus n order the defend the King and restore order. According to Mohammed Heikal, Al-Ahram's editor, the contingency scheme was intended precisely for the situation which had occurred in Libya. What deterred the British was the speed and decisiveness with which the Free Officers acted. Had a prolonged struggle ensued, Britain and the United States would have been handed a pretext for intervention.

In Qadhafi, the British and Americans were faced with a new leader who would brook no compromise. N his keynote speech in Tripoli on 16 October, Qadhafi boldly pledged that he would turn the country into a 'battlefield' if the British and Americans failed to withdraw by 'reasonable means'. Two weeks later, on 29 October, the RCC made its formal approach to Britain on the subject, demanded the prompt evacuation of British forces from Libyan territory. The British, under Defence Minister Denis Healey, assessed he situation carefully. Loss of the training grounds in Cyrenaica was considered damaging, but there seemed no alternative to acquiescence. The experience of Suez and the Algerian civil war, warned against further colonial adventures. The Wilson government responded with a call for talks; these lasted for two sessions -  a total of six hours. At the first meeting on 8 December, the British Ambassador Donald Maitland, was instructed to concede the principle of withdrawal. After than, it was simply a question of working out the details. At the second session, a week later, Maitland announced a departure deadline of 31 March 1970. Even before the talks had commenced, the British had reduced their presence at al-Adem and Tobruk from 2,000 in October to 1,000 in December.

In forcing the issue, the Libyans had adeptly deployed a number of powerful bargaining counters. The most important was their ability - particularly injurious in a rising oil power - to threaten the withdrawal of their sterling balances, standing at £384 million. If that proved insufficient, they could also initiate the reversion of the dispensable contracts, and nationalise BP and other British interests in Libya. The British, on the other hand, were in a relatively weak position; they could only counter Libya with a threat to suspend the contract for the supply of 200 Chieftain tanks, ordered by the previous regime to boost the Libyan armed forces' ground capacity. It was a defiant gesture unlikely to be effective. At the time, British overseas commitment were under general review as the Labour government began Britain's retreat from east of Suez. The British were simply disinclined for an entanglement with another nationalist government. Maitland's mission, as far as Whitehall was concerned, was to urge on the Libyans a joint communiqué emphasising the mutual benefits of further Anglo-Libyan co-operation. For London it was a question of damage control, chiefly to protect extensive British economic interests.

Flushed with success, the RCC turned its attention to the evacuation of the American air base at Wheelus Field. Talks commenced in December, soon after the British had conceded, but not without much disquiet at the prospect of handling over the sophisticated base - the regional headquarters of USAF - to a 'radical Arab regime'. Indeed, had it seemed probable that the Libyans would hand over the facilities to the Soviet Union, the Nixon administration may have baulked at withdrawal. But Qadhafi was insistent that Libyan would not open the facilities to other foreign powers. 'Revolutionary Libya will never substitute a foreigner for another foreigner or an intruder for another intruder', he was quoted as saying in the Libyan Mail in May 1970. In any event, Britain's decision to withdraw had already pulled the rug from under the Americans, so Washington submitted. On 24 December, the day after the British announced their withdrawal, a joint Libyan-American statement tersely announced that the United States would follow suit on June 30. In fact, the American evacuation, like the British, was finally carried out before the deadline, and with a minimum of fuss. The British finally left Libya on 28 March, and the Americans completed their withdrawal on 11 June. It was a historic achievement. Celebrating a 'victory over imperialism', the revolutionary authorities renamed al-Adem Airbase, Gamal Abdul Nasser Airbase, and Wheelus Field, Okba bin Nafi Airbase, after one of the original Arab conquerors of Libya.

Any hope that either country had of maintaining some military influence in Libya, through supply and training arrangements, was soon dissipated. On 29 December, following up their initial success, the RCC cancelled the former regime's contract with the British Aircraft Corporation … In November, the first tentative approached were made to the French government as an alternative arms supplier [..] The French saw in it a means to extend their influence in North Africa at the expense of the British and Americans. In January 1970, the conclusion of the deal was announced: France agreed to sell Libya an initial 50 Mirage V aircraft, 15 to be delivered by 1971.

The Libyans wanted these highly coveted French warplanes to rebuild the Arab arsenal in the confrontation with Israel. Nasser viewed Libya as a conduit for arms that were otherwise blocked by the Western arms embargo. While the negotiation was still taking place he told Qadhafi: "If you can get Phantoms or Mirages, this will be a colossal addition to Arab strength."

[The final French deal with Libya] on 31 January totalled 110 warplanes […] No conditions were attached to their use in the Middle East conflict, other than that they just be 'based' and 'maintained' in Libya. The only real restrictions applied to their use in a clash French client states in Africa.

The deal was another triumph for the revolutionary authorities. Not only had the RCC expelled the foreign bases, it had dramatically ended its military dependence on Britain and the United States; Britain had lost its place as the leading supplier of the Libyan Army and Navy, and the United States had been ousted from its role as the man contractor for the Libya air force. The switch in arms purchase to France permitted the RCC greater room to manoeuvre in pursuit of its nationalist objectives [..] The revolutionary authorities succeeded in their most important goal: the British and American military stranglehold on Libya was broken.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


"You might say the first and most important of many lessons from both men [Kwame Nkumah & Sekou Ture]. "You can never be ungrateful in politics" (or in life). That's something that President Mandela - The Madiba - continues to teach us everyday in his constant, loyal, and principled support for those who supported his peoples struggle: Libya and Cuba. Perhaps its an African thang; you just wouldn't understand."
(Stokely Carmichael / Kwame Ture, Ready For Revolution, 2005, p611)

Friday, 12 October 2012


[Muammar Gaddafi Memorial Event in London - Sat Nov 03]

white man had to kill Gaddafi due to his Pioneering Role in Fighting White Supremacy

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm

One of the things that comes straight to mind about these thoughts of Muammar Gaddafi is the uniqueness of the man in addressing the most important issue in the struggle of humanity: white supremacy. No other world leader would address the issue like Gaddafi did, and he said these kinds of comments in the period when some mistaken or foolish people claim that he 'sold out' to the west after decades of a state of war with white imperialism. If this is how a supposed 'sell-out' puts his political vision forward, then I would like to see what a leader who hasn't sold out is like for those people.

Not only is it inspiring that a leader of a country and a revolution states things like this in a time when such leadership is absent across the world, but also that it is a light skinned Arabic speaking ruler of a north African country. So many north Africans are in denial about the African-ness and many of them would balk and be disgusted by these anti-white supremacist (anti-racist) words and analysis of Gaddafi.

Gaddafi also stated by the 1990s that Arabs were historical invaders to Africa and subjugated the native Black peoples of Africa. Gaddafi then turned his back on the Arab world as he observed correctly that the Arab body politic was rife with back-stabbing and selling out to white imperialism, and put his lot in with Africa and was the pioneer of the African Union and developed many successful Pan-African projects. Again, this was another reason why white imperialism had to lynch Libya, especially with Gaddafi about to introduce to African Dinar which would gave been equivalent to gold and would have put the usa dollar into even greater financial crisis.

As importantly as the last points, Gaddafi was not a Mr Bombastic without substance like some other radical leaders in the world today: Gaddafi put his words into action for many decades and supported liberation movements against white supremacy from Australia, to Palestine, to South Africa through to the Americas, he gave more support to the world revolution that any other small nation of the Global South, although respect has to be given to countries like Algeria, DPRK ('north Korea') and a few others who also showed concrete internationalism, however the difference is that Gaddafi continued to show concrete support in the post-Soviet era right up until the war against Libya in Feb 2011, and this was one of the main reasons white imperialism had to neutralise Libya and Gaddafi.

Gaddafi makes an important point when advocating "Black supremacy" or "at least equality". Often when people read radical anti-white supremacist analysis they project white supremacy onto it which is often missing the point totally, Black supremacy as explained here and as I am positively promoting it is not about the genocide and brutality towards white people, but about bringing to power those most oppressed who are always the darkest skinned peoples across every region of the world. If we are not advocating them coming to power then we are not advocating liberation and justice, but a perpetuation of oppression as freedom only comes when the masses of the oppressed are brought to power against the white supremacists, ie., when the Black masses are brought to a supreme position in society.

Gaddafi here also states something similar to Stokely Carmichael / Kwame Ture: "...poor whites have their culture, have their values, have their institutions; ours have been completely destroyed ... completely destroyed [applause]...completely destroyed. So when you talk about alliances, you recog[nize?] [tape skip] alliances with people who are trying to rebuild their culture, trying to rebuild their history, trying to rebuild their dignity--people who are fighting for their humanity. Poor white people are not fighting for their humanity, they're fighting for more money. They're fighting ... there are a lot of poor white people in this country; you ain't seen none of them rebel yet, have you? Why is it that black people are rebelling? Do you think it's because it's just poor jobs? Don't believe the junk that honky's running down. It's not poor jobs; it's a question of a people finding their culture, their nature, and fighting for their humanity!" (1968)

Gaddafi was known to be a long time backer of Stokely/Kwame Ture's organisation the All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party. Gaddafi says a similar thing as Ture when he states: "The struggle is not taking place for social, economic or immediate political reasons, but for the historical rehabilitation of Black races."

Indeed, this is the challenge.

Muammar Gaddafi on White Supremacy
My Vision, Muammar Gaddafi with Edmund Jouve, 2005, Page 44

"When we talk about minorities, education and the press, problems which are dealt with in the first part of the Green Book, we are touching on real but neglected issues. Black races are a case in point. There is a real problem which threatens the liberty of man and is at the root of a universal crisis today. Is it enough to separate black Americans from white Americans in order to solve the problem? No! Is it enough to look down on black people and to consider the problem solved? No! This attitude leads to crisis. Should we leave Africans to live in the forests and claim that the problem has been solved? So long as Europe prospers by appropriating 75% of the raw materials of the African continent, the consequences will be disastrous. Is it enough to oppress minorities in order to think that the problem has been solved? Is repression the solution? Only a fool would think so.

"Black people constitute an oppressed category in the world. Black races have been humiliated and other hostile races have dominated them, with the result that they have been despised. Colonialism in African stems from psychological problems on the part of the colonial nations. So long as the white man looks down on the Black man, considering him as a slave and seeking to subjugate him for his own ends, so long as the white continent seeks to subjugate the Black continent, Africa is comparable to a Black slave and Europe to a white master.

"Colonialism in Africa represents an extension of racial segregation and of the unjustifiable contempt in which Black races are help by white races. There is no justification for one man to feel superiority towards another because of the colour of his skin. Black races must fight to be rehabilitated. The Green Book envisages the supremacy of the Black races in the world or, at the very least, equality with other races. At the present time, these races are forced into combat in a good number of African and American countries. Black people in the United States, for psychological reasons and as a deep-seated reaction passed on through the generations, are obliged to rise-up against those who despise and oppress Black races. The struggle is not taking place for social, economic or immediate political reasons, but for the historical rehabilitation of Black races. Black people are consumed by a feeling of visceral hatred towards those who subjugated them throughout preceding centuries. They seek vengeance. This feeling will remain and will drive Black people to revolt until they achieve rehabilitation and drive from the world this barbaric, senseless culture which isolates one man from another."


Algerian policewomen graduates

Algeria has resisted the nato Arab spring clean

This is a typical piece of underhand brit white media: it is a piece to soften up the minds of the masses for a regime change agenda, to portray Algeria as a basket case which needs the west to intervene and straighten things out as they have done most violently in Libya and now in Syria.

However, even in this piece, they cannot but avoid stating a seed of truth surrounded by utter nonsense and manipulation: "A recent parliamentary election saw the highest number of women MPs win seats of anywhere in the Arab World."

The the bbc/brit white power structure would like to see what has happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya happen to Algeria. The truth is that with all its problems Algeria is a relatively well developed country giving its peoples free healthcare and education, and is one of the most well off countries in the whole African and Arab world.

white imperialism is constantly salivating at the mineral resources of Algeria, and is also unhappy with the non-aligned and anti-imperialist foreign policy of the Algerian government, and was hoping that Algeria would see the devastation that the 'Arab spring' has delivered to Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. I have written about this many a time including here and here.

This looks unlikely to happen in Algeria, and even the white power structure media has admitted on many an occasion that they themselves and their allies will not get there way, as is stated in this piece: "...signaling confidence that it can remain unscathed by uprisings that have toppled Arab rulers elsewhere."

Important that anti-imperialists keep vigilant, white power structure will never give up on trying to recolonise Algeria, but the Algerian govt is no push over at all.

Sukant Chandan
Sons of Malcolm


Monday, 8 October 2012


Oppose The Seige of Bani Walid! 
demonstrate in front of the Libyan embassy in London 
Wednesday, 10.10.2012 12:30 to 4:30

Libyan Embassy
15 Knightsbridge
London SW1X 7LY.

news reports on situation in Bani Walid herehere and here.

Sunday, 7 October 2012



6-930pm, Saturday 03 November, 2012

Conway Hall
25 Red Lion Square, 
WC14 4RL London

Just over one year on from the his martyrdom at the hands of yankee drones and a french airstrike, this is an event to look at back at the contribution to the world struggle against white supremacy, imperialism of Muammar Gaddafi who, as a leader of a small country of the Global South, contributed more than any other to our international struggle.

There will be video clips of Gaddafi's speeches and interviews, music and spoken word.


Chair: Sukant Chandan

Dr Abdal Aziz - Libyan patriot and expert on Libyan affairs

Mohamed Hassan - former African diplomat and expert on African, Arab and Global South affairs

Asari Sobukwe - All-African Peoples Revolutionary Party

Dave Roberts - peace activist, anti-imperialist socialist and a decades long friend of the Libyan Jamahirya

Libyan from Sirte

more speakers to be announced.

Refreshments will be available.

This is a free but ticketed event, please send your confirmation of your place to

This event is a private event and will have security, any disruption to this event is unwelcome. 


Chinese Britons have put up with racism for too long
Many people are shocked to hear the extent of prejudice against the Chinese – is it so surprising when stereotypes still flourish?


Chinese Britons are often referred to as a "silent" or "hidden" minority. For although we are the fourth-largest minority ethnic group in the UK, we are virtually invisible in public life, principally the arts, media and politics.

On the surface, the Chinese seem relatively content and well-to-do, with British Chinese pupils regularly outperforming their classmates and Chinese men more likely than any other ethnic group to be in a professional job. Consequently, we are often overlooked in talks on racism and social exclusion.

But academic and economic successes do not negate feelings of marginalisation. A 2009 study by The Monitoring Group and Hull University suggested that British Chinese are particularly prone to racial violence and harassment, but that the true extent to their victimisation was often overlooked because victims were unwilling to report it.

Growing up in the north of England in the 80s, I had few role models. Popular culture was dominated by white faces and occasionally black and south Asian, but never east Asian. I'm not sure that much has changed since.

Shouts of "Jackie Chan!" and kung-fu noises from random strangers continue to greet me in the street, perhaps followed by a "konichiwa!" Just a few days ago, a friend was having a post-hangover drink in a trendy east London pub, only to be accused by the manager of being a DVD pedlar hassling his clients.

Going to drama school in London was a revelation; I was told I couldn't perform in a scene from a play because it had been written for white people. The scene was two girls sitting on a park bench talking about boys, and the year was 2006. Worse was when it came from my contemporaries; one (white, liberal, highly educated) helpfully suggested I did a monologue from The Good Soul of Szechuan instead, and another rushed up after one performance to tell me how delighted her parents had been that I'd spoken perfect English (I'm from Bradford).

In hindsight it was good preparation for a profession where, on my first job, the Bafta-winning director chuckled to everyone on set that I'd trained in kung fu, and where any character who speaks in some kind of dodgy east Asian accent is considered hilarious.

I have friends who are shocked that such things actually happen. They are usually most surprised at the fact that it's happened to me. Why? I suspect mainly because, like them, I am part of the educated middle class, and things like that don't happen to people like us.

Well, they do, and quite often. And frankly, it isn't surprising that prejudices are rife in a country whose media perpetuates the very images that evoke stereotypes and cultural misunderstandings: Chinese characters rarely appear on our television screens, but when they do, you can bet they'll be DVD sellers, illegal immigrants, spies or, in the case of last year's Sherlock, weird acrobatic ninja types. Many Chinese viewers were outraged at the portrayal of east Asians in this show, but typically, few complained.

Sadly, the British Chinese are reticent about speaking up for themselves, and simply do not have the numbers to make the same noise the black and south Asian communities do, whose vociferous and galvanising voices have been making waves against racism for decades. Racism is one of those horrendous, soul- and confidence-crushing things that, when faced with, you'd much rather forget or pretend didn't exist. So we tend to brush it off, pretend it never happened, or laugh along with the rest rather than come across as bad sports. We Chinese have become dab hands at this, living up to the stereotype of the smiling but silent Chinaman.

If we are to make progress in understanding the true extent of racism in this country, we all need to be a lot braver in confronting truths about how we live. It's about swallowing our pride and being less afraid of telling the world how racism affects us and really thinking about the people across Britain who have come to accept racism as a part of life. It's about standing up in classrooms, television studios, offices, pubs and public transport, not just for ourselves, but for friends and strangers, too.

Denial gets us nowhere. But awareness, thoughtfulness and courage could make millions of lives so much better.


I have discussed many times before that the main strategy for white imperialism in relation to Afghanistan is to ensure that as they wound down their overt military presence that they can leave a country behind that is still promoting its own agenda.

What is this agenda?

It is to ensure that Afghanistan remains an important hub of destabilisation and counter-revolution against its enemies.

Who are white imperialism's enemies in the region?

It is emerging India; emerging Central Asia which has a strong alliance with Russia and China as manifested in one of the most anti-imperialist blocs in the world along with BRIC, ALBA, BASIC, the Shangha Cooperation Organisation. It is also Iran, Syria, and Lebanese Hizbullah. Pakistan also as a close ally of China is constantly being managed, cajoled, bribed and contained by white imperialism, Pakistan could go any way against white imperialism.

For Afghanistan to have any viable future as a stable and progressing country for its people and the region, Russia, China, Pakistan and India and other regional countries need to cooperate positively with Afghanistan and against the designs of white imperialism. It is for this reason that white imperialism prefer to have a regime, either Taliban or not, or a combination of which, that is hostile to its regional enemies. In this frame work, its good to see China making moves there. nato will be watching with concern, and no doubt already have in motion their plans to counter this process in the country and region. Will our side manage to counter white imperialism successfully?

white imperialism is working hard in Asia, it is trying to contain and bring to heel Myanmar, constantly brining and pressuring India, encircling China in IndoChina and the South China Sea, and recolonising the MENA region through the Arab spring.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

China’s Security Chief Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan


China’s top security official made a surprise four-hour visit to Afghanistan yesterday, the first by a ranking Chinese political figure since 1966, the state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

Zhou Yongkang, one of the nine members in the Standing Committee of the Politburo, met with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and said China “will actively participate in Afghanistan’s reconstruction,” Xinhua reported. Zhou’s visit wasn’t made public in advance because of security concerns, Xinhua said.

“Zhou’s visit shows China is seriously planning its Afghan strategy for the days after 2014,” said Wang Lian, a professor with the School of International Studies at the Peking University in Beijing. “Almost every great power in history, when they were rising, was deeply involved in Afghanistan, and China will not be an exception.”

The trip comes at a time when U.S.-led NATO forces are leaving Afghanistan after more than a decade of war. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on Sept. 21 in New Zealand that the U.S. has withdrawn the last of 33,000 so-called “surge” troops from the country. All combating NATO forces are scheduled to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Zhou, who is in charge of China’s police and judicial systems, oversees crackdowns on religious extremism and terrorism in China’s northwestern Muslim region.

China Stability

The biggest pursuit of China’s Afghanistan policy is to maintain stability within its own borders, said Peking University’s Wang, who studies geo-politics in the Pakistan- Afghanistan region.

“Afghanistan is vital for China to maintain development and stability in China’s northwestern regions -- that’s the foremost strategic meaning of Afghanistan for China,” he said.

China has no military involvement in Afghanistan and the Chinese government won’t seek a military presence in the country even after the withdrawal of all NATO forces, Wang said, although China’s growing economic power will provide it more leverage in Afghan reconstruction.

Chinese state companies have made resources and energy investments there. China National Petroleum Corp. won an auction in 2011 to develop three blocks in the Amu Darya basin that are estimated to hold 80 million barrels of oil. China shares a 76- kilometer (47-mile) border with Afghanistan, according to the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook.

Strategic Partnership

Metallurgical Corp. (1618) of China and Jiangxi Copper Co. (358), both state-owned companies, won the rights in 2008 to develop the Aynak copper mine in Afghanistan. The production date of the mine has been repeatedly delayed, partly due to a relic site that was found at the mine. Jiangxi Copper Chairman Li Yihuang said in March that the mine may start operating in 2014-2016.

No Chinese leader had visited Afghanistan since former President Liu Shaoqi in 1966. According to China’s Foreign Ministry, China pulled out all its diplomats from Afghanistan in 1993, and re-opened its embassy in Kabul in 2002 after the Taliban regime was toppled by the NATO-led force. At a meeting between Chinese President Hu Jintao and Karzai in Beijing in June, the two countries decided to develop “a strategic and cooperative partnership,” according to Xinhua.

“As the world’s second largest economy and one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, China has to shoulder more responsibilities in Afghanistan,” Wang said.


Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi (R) and Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr meet brit foreign secretary hague (C) at the presidential palace in Cairo September 11, 2012.

british imperialism used the Ikhwan Muslimeen - Muslim Brotherhood - right across the Muslim world in the post second world war period to contain and destabilise the successful left nationalist revolutions and states that were freeing their peoples from imperialism and developing successful socialist economies that were bettering the lives of the masses. The brits and other white imperialists have never stopped working with and negotiating with the MB to further white imperialism's interests and strategic goals, and since the nato/gulfie engineered and directed Arab spring, have generally successfully managed to develop their hegemony in the region. Will the rolling white imperialist agenda carried out by MB and 'islamist' currents supported by nato and the Gulfies stop in Syria? The progressive socialist and Arab Nationalist regime in Syria has done very well so far to withstand the onslaught, but a strategy for victory against this offensive is not apparent, and not in just the Syrian context, but in a regional one as white imperialism does not have an approach just for Syria, but has a regional and international approach. The world anti-imperialist movement as it stands has no real regional or international approach for countering and defeating white imperialism as of yet although.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


"Britain is to provide military advice to the Egyptian government to help it crack down on militants in the Sinai Peninsula who are destabilising relations with neighbouring Israel.

In his first meeting with the Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi in New York, David Cameron will announce that Britain's most senior military figure will travel to Cairo. General Sir David Richards, the chief of the defence staff, will lead a British effort that will also see a stabilisation team despatched to Egypt...."


Two Socialist Korean military attaches from their embassy in Syria, during a visit by various embassy officials to the Tishreen Military Hospital in Damascus, on March 6, 2012.

While nato and their regional allies openly and covertly support their death squads in Syria, anti-imperialist and socialist Korea is reported to have sent a shipment of arms via a plane which has been stopped in Iraq. It's a shame the Iraqi government has stopped this, as they themselves know the bullying style of the empire as they have to navigate between their alliance with Iran and the pressure from the brits and yanks.  - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Iraq: North Korean Flight Barred Over Suspicions About Syria Aid


Iraq prevented a North Korean plane from entering its airspace because it suspected that it was carrying weapons for Syria, prompting praise from the United States on Friday but also demands for a ban on Iranian aircraft with similar suspicious cargo. American officials have accused Iraq of allowing Iran to fly weapons to Syrian forces through Iraqi airspace, a charge Iraq has denied. "We urge the government of Iraq to take additional steps to prevent others, including Iran, from abusing its airspace by shipping arms to Syria," said a State Department spokesman, Michael Lavalle, who called the move to ban the North Korean flight a "positive step." Iraq barred the North Korean flight on Thursday.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


This is the second time I have been on Africa Today with the pro-nato Libyan, Mr Sabri Malik. Like the first time Mr Malik does not discuss anything, and sees Libya today in an abstracted way divorced totally from any reality. It makes very boring television whereby the viewer gets next to no further understanding or exploration as to what is going on. Interestingly Mr Malik corrects me when I wrongly stated that Shia shrines are being demolished in front of the the worlds eyes, I should have said Sufi. However, my point being that although Mr Malik corrects me that there are next to no Shia in Libya, he fails to pass any comment about the systematic destruction of the Shia shrines, and more importantly refuses to ever make comment on the persecution of Black people in Libya. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm



Good evening. It's getting late, but we have a lot to talk about tonight because we have to be serious. Before I begin, I wanted to introduce just two people, one is our communication director, who came out from Atlanta to spend birthday with brother Huey Newton, Miss Ethel Minor. Ethel, where are you? [applause] The next person is one of our young warriors, who was involved in the Roxbury Rebellion where he had to...was charged with a number of charges. He's out of jail. He's just returned from a trip across the waters. He went to revolutionary countries where honkys can't go... Chico [...?] [applause]

Now then, tonight we have to talk about several things. We're here to celebrate brother Huey P. Newton's birthday. We're not here to celebrate it as Huey Newton the individual, but as Huey Newton parcel of black people wherever we are on the world [applause] And so, in talking about brother Huey Newton tonight, we have to talk about the struggle of black people, not only in the United States, but in the world today, and how he becomes part [and parcel]...[tape skip] we move on so that our people will survive America. [applause]

Therefore, we are not talking about politics tonight, we're not talking about economics tonight; we are talking about the survival of a race of people--that is all that is at stake. We are talking about the survival of black people--nothing else...nothing else...nothing else. [applause] And you must understand that. Now why is it necessary for us to talk about the survival of our people? Many of us feel...many of our generation feel that they're getting ready to commit genocide against us. Now, many people say that's a horrible thing to say about anybody. But if it is a horrible thing to say, then we should do as brother Malcolm [Malcolm X] says: we should examine history. The birth of this nation was conceived in the genocide of the red man...[applause]...genocide of the red man...of the red man. In order for this country to come about, the honky had to completely exterminate the red man, and HE DID IT! And he did it! He did it![applause] And he did it where he does not even feel sorry, but he romanticizes it by putting it on television with cowboy and indians...cowboy and indians.

Then the question we must ask ourselves is, if he's capable of doing it to the red man, can he also do it to us? Let us examine history some more. People says it is a horrible thing to say that white people would really think about committing genocide against black people. Let us check our history out. [tape skip] ...that we built this country--nobody else. I'll explain that to you. When this country started, economically it was an agricultural country. The cash crop on the world market was cotton. WE PICKED THE COTTON! [applause] WE PICKED THE COTTON! We did! So it is we who built this country. It is we who have fought in the wars of this country. This country is becoming more and more technological, so that the need for black people is fastly disappearing. When the need for black people disappears, so will we, and he will consciously wipe up out. He will consciously wipe up out. Let us check World War II. He will not do it unto his own. Notice who he dropped an atomic bomb on: some helpless yellow people in Hiroshima. Some helpless yellow people in Hiroshima...[applause] Hiroshima. If you do not think he's capable of committing genocide against us, check out what he's doing to our brothers in Vietnam! Check out what he's doing in Vietnam! [applause] We have to understand that we're talking about our survival and nothing else. Whether or not this beautiful race of people is going to survive on the earth, that's what we're talking about--nothing else [applause]...nothing else. If you do not think he's capable of wiping us out, check out the white race: wherever they have gone, they have rule, conquered, murdered, and plagued. Whether they are the majority or the minority, they always rule!...[applause]...they always rule! Always rule! And check out the pattern in which they move. And check out the pattern in which they move. They came to this country. They didn't know a damn [thing][tape skip]...The Red Man showed them how to adapt to this country: he showed them how to grow corn; he showed them how to hunt, and when the Indians finished showing it, he wiped them out! He wiped them out. [applause] He wiped them out. He was not satisfied. He went to South America. The Aztec Indians said, "This is our silver. This is our copper. These are our metals. These are statues. We built them for the beauty of our people." After the Indians showed it to him, he took it and he wiped them out! He wiped them out.[applause] He went to Africa. Our ancestors said, "Dig, this is our way of life. We beat drums. We enjoy ourselves. We have gold. We make diamonds and stuff for our women." He took the gold, he made us slaves, and today he RUNS Africa! Africa! [applause] He went to Asia. The Chinese showed him everything they had. They showed him gunpowder. They said, "We use this for fireworks on our anniversaries, on our days of festivities." He took it, he made it a gun, and he conquered China.

We are talking about a certain type of superiority complex that exists in the White Man wherever he is. And that's what we have to understand today. So that everything goes out the window, we talk about survival. That's all. They can cut all that junk about poverty program, education, housing, welfare...we talking about survival, and, brothers and sisters, WE gonna survive America! [applause] WE gonna survive America! WE gonna survive America!

Now then, we have to understand what is going on, not only in this country, but the world, especially in Africa. Because we are an African people, nothing else. We have ALWAYS been an African people. We have ALWAYS maintained our own value system, and I will prove that to you. As much as he has tried, our people have resisted for 413 years in this wilderness, and they resisted for this generation to carry out what must be done. We cannot fail our ancestors [applause]...cannot fail our ancestors...cannot fail our ancestors. We resisted in every way you can point to. Take the English language. There are cats who come here from Italy, from Germany, from Poland, from France. In two generations they speak English perfectly. We have NEVER spoken English correctly! [applause] Never have we spoken English correctly. Never! Never! Never! And that is because our people consciously resisted a language that did not belong to us--never did, never will. Anyhow they try to run it down our throats, we ain't going to have it! We ain't going to have it! You must understand that as a level of resistance. Anybody can speak that simple honky's language correctly. Anybody can do it. We have not done it because we have resisted...resisted.

Check out our way of life. No matter how hard he's tried, we still maintain a communal way of life in our communities. We do not send old people to old peoples' homes; that's junk! [applause] That's junk! That's junk! That's junk! We do not call children illegitimate in our community. We take care of any child in our community... [applause] any child in our community. It is a level of resistance that we must begin to look for among our people. Pick up that thread and do what has to be done so that our people will survive. Three things. First and foremost: he has been able to make us hate each other. He has transplanted that hate and the love for each other for a love of his country...his country. We must begin to develop number one--and this is the most important thing we can do as a people--we must first develop and undying love for our people...our people. [applause] ...our people...our people. We must develop and undying love as is personified in brother Huey P. Newton. Undying love for our people...[applause]...undying love. If we do not do that, we will be wiped out. We must develop and undying love for our people. Our slogan will become, "First our people, then, and only then me and you as individuals." Our people first...our people first. [applause] Following from that came secondly the slogan, "Every Negro is a potential black man; we will not alienate them!" ...[applause]...we will not alienate them! ...we will not alienate them!

Understand the concept of "Negro" and the concept of "Black Man." We came to this country as black men and as Africans. It took us 400 years to become Negros. Understand that. That means that the concept of a black man is one who recognizes his cultural, his historical, and the roots of his great ancestors who were the greatest warriors on the face of this earth. Africans! [applause] Africans! Africans! Many of our people's mind have been white washed. If a Negro comes up to you and you turn your back on him, he's got to run to the honky. We're going to take time and patience with our people because they're OURS!...they're OURS! [applause] All of the Uncle Toms, we're going to sit down and we're going to talk. And when they slap, we're going to bow. And when they slap we're going to bow. And we're going to try to bring them home. And if they don't come home we're going to [tape skip] that's all...that's all...that's all. [applause]

We have to recognize who our major enemy is. The major enemy is not your brother, flesh of your flesh and blood of your blood. The major enemy is the honky and his institutions of racism. THAT's the major enemy! [applause] THAT is the major enemy! And whenever anybody prepares for revolutionary warfare, you concentrate on the major enemy. We're not strong enough to fight each other and also fight him. We WILL not fight each other today! We WILL not fight each other. There will BE no fights in the black community among black people. There will just be people who will be offed. There will be no fights, there will be no disruptions. We are going to be united! [applause]

Thirdly, and most importantly, we must understand that for black people, the question of community is not a question of geography, it is a question of color. It is a question of color. If you live in Watts, if you live in Harlem, Southside Chicago, Detroit, West Philadelphia, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama. Wherever you go, the first place you go is to your people--not the land, to your people. For us the question of community is a question of color and our people, not geography! Not land! Not land! Not land! Not geography! [applause] That is to say that we break down the concept that black people living inside the United States are black Americans. That's nonesense! We got brothers in Africa. We got brothers in Cuba. We got brothers in Brazil. We got brothers in Latin America. We got brothers all over the world! All over the world! [applause]All over the world! And once we begin to understand that the concept of community is simply one of our people, it don't make a difference where we are. We are with our people and, therefore, we are home...[applause] ...therefore, we are home.

Now then, in speaking of survival it is necessary to understand the moves of one['s] enemies. The United States works on what call the "three M's": The missionaries, the money, and the Marines. That is precisely the way it has moved all over the world. It is the way it moves against us. They have sent the missionaries in; we sent them out. They have sent the money in with the poverty program. The Vietnamese and the Koreans are pulling the money out. The next thing comes the Marines...comes the marines. And if we're talking seriously, we get prepared [tape skip][to fight?] ...the marines. Now if some black people do not think that the white man is going to wipe us out completely, then it won't be no harm being prepared just in case he decides to do it..just in case he decides to do it. So there'll be no harm in us preparing ourselves for the marines. Now there's a lot of tactics we can learn. The VC [Viet Cong] are showing us the best way to get it way to get it done. And don't be afraid to say it, tell em', "Yeah, you want the Vietnamese to defeat them, cause they wrong from the jump." Don't get up there and play games with them. You ever see them on TV?: "Well, actually, we were wrong going into Vietnam, but we can't get out unless we save face." To save [tape skip] honky's face, millions of Vietnamese got to die. That's a lot of junk. If you're wrong, say you're wrong and GET OUT! [applause] GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!

We have to then go down the programs that they run through our throats and see how they relate to us. The first one is the vote. They got a new thing now: "Black Power is the vote." The vote in this country is, has been, and always will be irrelevant to the lives of black people! That is a fact. We survived in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolinia, North Carolinia, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. without the vote...without the vote. [applause] Last two years ago when Julian Bond was elected by black people in Georgia, they took him out to sea. There was no representation; the black people in Georgia are suviving today. They took Adam Clayton Powell out of office for a year and a half. Black people in Harlem are still surviving. That should teach you, the vote ain't nothin' but a honky's trick...[applause]...nothin' but a honky's trick. If we talk about the vote today, we talk about it as one thing: an organizing tool to bring our people together...nothing else! ...[applause]...nothing else...nothing else. It becomes a vehicle for organization; it cannot be anything else. To believe the vote is going to save you is to believe the way brother Adam Clayton Powell did. He's in Bimini now. That's what we have to understand.

The second thing they ram down our throat is this poverty program. And you have to understand the poverty program. It is designed to, number one, split the black community, and, number two, split the black family. There's no doubt about it splitting the black community. We know all of the people who started fighting over crumbs, 'cause that's all the poverty program is, the crumbs. If you leave the crumbs alone and organize, we could take the whole loaf, 'cause it belongs to us...belongs to us [applause]. But what happens is that the poverty program sends a couple of hundred thousand dollars into the community, and groups start setting up to fight over that money; so, automatically you've got splits in the community. Watts is the best example that we have today. It was the first one to get the poverty program after the rebellion, and today it is the most divided black community in the country... in the country. Second thing we have to recognize is what the poverty program does. In any race of people, the most instinctively revolutionary people is the youth.

Because the youth is always willing to fight, in anybody's anybody's race. And the poverty program is geared right at our youth. Right at our youth, to stop them from fighting. That's all the poverty program is: stop the rebellions--not take care of black people--stop the rebellions. How is it that you felt if you were a father and your son who you're supposed to be providing for comes home with ninety dollars a week, and you still unemployed. What is the poverty program doing to our fathers? What is it doing to our fathers? [applause] If they were concerned about the black community, if they believed the garbage they run down about the black family, they would give the jobs to our fathers, the breadwinners of the family, so we could have some respect for them...[applause]...we could have some respect for them. But it is precisely because the poverty program is aimed at quelling our youth, that they do that. And all of the people who administer the poverty program won't even put their childrens in those programs that are supposed to be so good for us.

Let us move on to education. And we must talk very clearly about this concept of education. Franz Fanon says very clearly, "Education is nothing but the re-establishment and re-enforcement of values and institutions of a given society." All the brother's saying is that whatever this society says is right, when you go to school they going to tell you it's right, and you've got to run it on down. If you run it on down, you get an "A". If I say to you Columbus discovered American in 1492, if I was your teacher [and] you said, "No, Columbus didn't discover America in 1492, there were Indians here," I tell you you flunked the course. So education doesn't mean what they say it means. So now we must use education for our people and we must understand our communities. In our communities there are dope addicts; there are pimps; there are prostitutes; there [are] hustlers; there are teachers; there are maids; there are porters; there are preachers; there are gangsters. If I go to high school, I want to learn how to be a good maid, a good porter, a good hustler, a good pimp, a good prostitute, a good preacher, a good teacher, or a good porter. [applause] And education is supposed to prepare you to live in your community. That's what our community is like. If the educational system cannot do that, it must teach us HOW to change our to change our community. [applause] It must do one or the other. The schools that we send our children to do not do one or the other. They do neither; they do something absolutely opposite. And when our youth, who are more intelligent than all those honkeys on those boards, drop out of that school cause they recognize it's not going to help them, then we turn around and yell at them, dividing our community again...dividing our community again. [applause] We have to understand that unless WE control the education system, where it begins to teach us how to change our community, where we live like human beings, no need to send anybody to school--that's just a natural fact. We have no alternative but to fight, whether we like it or not. On every level in this country, black people GOT to fight! Got to fight! [applause] Got to fight!

Now then let us move down and talk...[tape skip] concept. We have in our community black people, the masses and the bourgeoisie. That's about the level of breakdown. The bourgeoisie is very very minute inside our community. We have to bring them home. We have to bring them home for many reasons. We have to bring them home because they have technical skills which must be put for the benefit of their people, not for the benefit of this country, which is against their people. We've GOT to bring them home! We've got to bring them home. [applause] One of the ways of bringing our people home is by using patience, love, brotherhood, and unity, not force...not force. Love, patience, brotherhood, and unity. We try and we try and we try. If they become a treat, we off them. [applause] But we must begin to understand that in a concept of forming inside our community, a united front...a black united front, which engulfs every sector, every facet and every person inside our community working for the benefit of black people...[applause]...working for the benefit of black people. And that is for each other's survival.

A lot of people in the bourgeoisie tell me they don't like Rap Brown when he says, "I'm going to burn the country down." But every time Rap Brown says, "I'm going to burn the country down," They get a poverty program...[applause]...they get a poverty program. A lot of people say to me, "We don't like the Black Panthers for Self Defense walking around with guns." I tell you now, if the honkys in San Francisco take off the fighters who happen to represent the Black Panthers for Self Defense--ain't no body in this community prepared to fight right now--everybody gets offed, everybody gets offed. We HAVE to have each other for our survival! We HAVE to have each other, from the revolutionaries to the conservatives, a black united front is what we're about...[applause]...a black united front is what we're about.

Now then, some people may not understand brother Rap when he talked about whom we ally with. He said we have to ally with Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, and the dispossessed people of the earth; he did not mention poor whites. We must understand that. I will not deny that poor whites in this country are oppressed. But there are two types of oppression: one is exploitation, the other is colonization. And we have to understand the difference between both of them. [applause] Exploitation is when you exploit somebody of your own race; colonization is when you exploit somebody of a different race. We are colonized; they are exploited...[applause]...they are exploited. Now let us explain how the process of exploitation and colonization works. If I am black and I am exploiting you who are also black--we have the same values, the same culture, the same language, the same society, the same institutions, so I do not have to destroy those institutions for you. But if you are of another race--if you have a different culture, different language, different values--I HAVE to destroy all of those to make you bow to me. And that is the difference between poor blacks and poor whites: poor whites have their culture, have their values, have their institutions; ours have been completely destroyed...completely destroyed [applause]...completely destroyed. So when you talk about alliances, you recog[nize?] [tape skip] alliances with people who are trying to rebuild their culture, trying to rebuild their history, trying to rebuild their dignity--people who are fighting for their humanity. Poor white people are not fighting for their humanity, they're fighting for more money. They're fighting...there are a lot of poor white people in this country; you ain't seen none of them rebel yet, have you? Why is it that black people are rebelling? Do you think it's because it's just poor jobs? Don't believe the junk that honky's running down. It's not poor jobs; it's a question of a people finding their culture, their nature, and fighting for their humanity!...for their humanity! [applause]...for their humanity! ...for their humanity! We have been so colonized, that we are ashamed to say we hate. And that is the best example of a person who is colonized. You sit in your house, a honky walks in your house, beats you up, rapes your wife, beat up your child, and you don't have the humanity to say, "I hate you!" You don't have it. That is how dehumanized we are. We are so dehumanized we cannot say, "Yes! We hate you for what you have done to us!" Can't say it. Can't say it. And we are afraid to think beyond that point. Who do you think has more hatred pent up in them, white people for black people, or black people for white people? White people for black people, obviously. The hatred has been more. What have we done to them for them to build up this hatred? Absolutely nothing. Yet we don't have the...we don't even want to have the chance to hate them for what they've done to us, and if hate should be justified WE HAVE THE BEST JUSTIFICATION IN THE WORLD FOR HATING THE HONKYS! We have it! [applause] We have it! We have it!

We [have been][tape skip] so dehumanized we're like a dog which the master can kick, which the master can through out the house, which the master can spit on. And whenever he calls, the dog comes running back. We are human beings and we have emotions. WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR HUMANTY! WE'RE FIGHTING FOR OUR HUMANTY! [applause] And in regaining our humanity we recognize ALL the emotions that are in us. If you've got love, you have to have hate. You don't have one-sided emotions; that's a lot of junk. You always have two sides: hot, cold, white, black...everything, hate. Cause if you don't have hate you cannot differentiate love. You cannot do it. You cannot do it.

Now then that brings us to the point of this thing about Communism and Socialism. Let's get to that, once and for all. Communism is not an ideology suited for black people. Period. [applause]Period. Socialism is not an ideology fitted for black people. Period. [applause] Period. And I will tell you why. And it must become crystal clear in our minds. Now we don't say that because the honkys call us communists; we don't care what they call us. Don't make a difference. [applause] Don't make a difference. The ideologies of Communism and Socialism speaks to class structure. They speak to people who...oppressed people from the top down to the bottom. We are not just facing exploitation, we are facing something much more important. We are facing because we are the victims of racism. Communism nor Socialism does not speak to the problem of racism. And racism for black people in this country is far more important than exploitation, cause no matter how much money you make [when you] [tape skip] go into the white world, you are still a nigger...[applause] are still a are still a nigger. So that for us, the question of racism become uppermost in our minds. It become uppermost in our minds. How do we destroy those institutions that seek to keep us dehumanized. That is all we're talking about. On the question of exploitation, it comes second. Now for white peoople who are Communists, the question of Communists becomes first, because they're exploited by their other people. If we were exploited by other black people, then it would become a question of how we divide the profits. It is not that for us. It is not that for us. It is a question of how we regain our humanity and begin to live as a people. And we do not do that because of the effects of racism in this country. We must, therefore, consciously stride for an ideology which deals with racism first. And if we do that, we recognize the necessity of hooking up with the 900 million black people in the world today. [applause] That's what we recognize. And if we recognize that, then it means that our political situation MUST BECOME INTERNATIONAL; it cannot be national. It cannot be national. [applause] It MUST be international! MUST be international! It must be international because if we knew anything we would recognize that the honkys just don't exploit us, they exploit the whole Third World: Asia, Africa, Latin America. They take advantage of Europe, but they don't colonize Europe, they colonize Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Understand THAT! [applause] If we begin to understand that, then the problems that America's heading for becomes uppermost in our mind. The first one that they're heading for is the conflict in the Middle East. WE MUST DECLARE ON WHOSE SIDE WE STAND! We can be for no one but the Arabs. [applause] There can be no doubt in our mind! No doubt in our mind! No doubt in our mind! We can be for no one but the Arabs because Israel belonged to the Arabs in 1917. The British gave it to a group of Zionists who went to Israel, ran the Palestine...the Palestinian Arabs out with terrorist groups, and organized the State, and did not get anywhere until Hitler came along and they [swelled?] the State in 1948. That country belongs to the Palestinians. Not only that: they're moving to take over Egypt. Egypt is our Motherland--it's in Africa! [applause] Africa! We do not understand the concept of love. Here are a group of Zionists who come anywhere they want to and organize love and feeling for a place called Israel, which was created in 1948, where their youth are willing to go and fight for Israel. Egypt belongs to us. Four thousand years ago, and we sit here supporting the Zionists. We got to be for the Arabs. Period! [applause] Period! That means that we also move to the rest of the Third World and understand precisely what is going on.
It is no coincidence that the honky who stole a heart out of our brother and put it into another devil, was brought here on nationwide TV. There is no example. [applause] There is no coincidence. No coincidence. Now for those of the older generation who said I may be harsh because I said the devil, let me give you a biblical quotation. It says, "Beware that they will come...that the devil will come telling you that he can give you back life after death." If that's not what they doing, then I don't know what is. [applause]
We have to understand that just today the United States voted for South Africa to come into the Olympics, and black people here are debating whether or not black athletes should be part of the Olympics. That is not a debate! The question is final: there can be no black athletes with any dignity participating in that white nonesense...[applause]...that white nonesense...can be no dignity.

Now then we have to understand more and more as our people talk about survival. It means that when we talk about survival, we organize politically, we organize consciously--that's what they call education; we call it black consciousness, cause that speaks to us, education speaks to them--we organize economically, and we organize mil-i-tar-ily...militarily. [applause] Because if we don't do that, if you don't have a gun in your hand, they can snatch the ballot from you. But if you got a gun, it's either them or us. [applause] And the preparation of that fight on all struggles must become conscious among our people. We are ahead of the Jews, we know what they getting [tape skip] [ready to do?] every day in their Esquire Magazines. They tell us on their televisions. They tell us with their 15,000 soldiers they're putting in the city. They tell us with their tanks. They tell us with their stoner(?) guns. THEY TELL US! We got to wake up and tell them: we are going to get you back. [applause] Wipe out of your mind the questions of minority. Wipe out of your mind the questions of technology. Technology never decides a war. It is the will of the people that decides a war. [applause] It is the will of the people...the will of the people. Wipe out of your mind the facts that we do not have guns. The Vietnamese didn't have it when they started. Now they got American guns, American tanks, American's everything. [applause] Everything...everything... everything. If they come to get us [tape skip][they got to?] bring some to get some, we going to take it and the gun...and the gun... [applause]...and the gun. And unless we raise our minds to the level of consciousness where we have an undying love for our people, where we're willing to shed our blood like Huey Newton did for our people, we will not survive...[applause]...we will not survive. Now there are many people who know that--all of the brothers sitting on this stage, all of the brothers around here. We all know that when something goes down, we are the first ones off. There's no question in any of our minds, only thing that's going to stop us today is a bullet, and we spitting 'em back...and we spitting 'em back. [applause] But the question is not whether or not we can this entire black community moves for survival in a world that's clearly heading for a color clash. That is what we must ask ourselves. [tape skip] ...organizing our people and oriented them towards and African ideology which speaks to our blackness. Nothing else. It's not a question of right or left; it's a question of black. You dig where we're coming from? We're coming from a black thing...from a black thing, that's where we're coming from. [applause] Because we can begin to pick up the threads of resistance that our ancestors laid down for us. And unless we begin to understand our people as a people, we will not do that, because they will split us and divide us. That means consciously we have to begin to organize our people. Organize our people! Organize our people! Organize our people! Organize our people! Nothing else! Organize our people! Our people! We have no time for them. [tape skip] all our blood, even our life must go to our people. [applause] Nothing else. Nothing else. We have to understand this consciously. Our youth must be organized with a revolutionary perspectus. A revolutionary perspectus says that we're fighting a war of liberation. In order to fight a war of liberation, you need an ideology of nationalism. We do not have this country. The nationalism can be nothing but black nationalism. It is insane to think of anything else. Black nationalism has to begin to be our ideology. Why blackness is necessary it not sufficient, so we must move on. We move on then to consciously organize in our communities, and we recognize today why we are organizing: We do not have the money to feed our people, so there's no use to say "organize, we can get you a job." We can't get 'em. They control 'em. That is a fact. [tape skip)[There is no?]...reason for you to sit down; it is only more of a reason for you to fight. To think that you can't give your people a job: that's more of an inspiration to fight so you can give them a job, rather to sit down and say, "The honkys got us on every end." They are not God. We are a beautiful race of people, we can do anything we want to do. All we got to do is get up... get up [applause]...get up...get up and do it...get up and do it...get up and do it...get up and do it.

Now then we have to discuss very cold the question of rebellions. It is a fact that they're prepared to meet rebellions anywhere in the cities. Now, what's going to happen if one of our brothers get offed? What happens if they go ahead and off Huey Newton? We must develop tactics where we do the maximum damage to them with the minor...maximum damage to them with minor damage to us. [applause] And when we move into that arena, that means that this black community must be organized. So if Huey Newton goes, and ten honkey cop goes on a black man in this community, get up and open his mouth, 'cause if he does, he goes, too...[applause]... he goes, too...he goes, too...he goes, too. That means in organizing for the maximum damage against them and the minor damage against us, we must be consciously aware of the fact that there will be people in our communities who are going around doing just that. In our community, we see nothing, we hear nothing, we know nothing...[applause]...we see nothing, we hear nothing, we know nothing. Now, the questions of agents is becoming a question where it's making us paranoid. We cannot become paranoid, because what they can do is make you so afraid you won't move. [tape skip] that. We are going to plan what we are going to do. Little groups are going to plan theirs, big groups are going to plan theirs. If an agent is found, there is no question: he is going to be offed in such a manner that any other black man who dare talk to the honky will have three thoughts before he even talks to a white man about reporting in our community...[applause] our community. Our people have demonstrated a willingness to fight. Our people have demonstrated the courage of our ancestors to face tanks, guns, police dogs, with bricks and bottles. That is a courageous act! We must understand that! [applause] And since our people have demonstrated a willingness to fight, the question is how can we organize their fight so we become the winners...

[applause] we become the winners. If a major rebellion were to break out, our people may or may not become the losers; but if a small group was doing maximum damage, we remain on top...[applause]...we remain on top. That is what we must understand. Consciously understand it! It is not a question of what they might do, it is a question of how and when they're going to do it. That is all that's in their minds...that is all!
For us, the question is not going to Vietnam anymore, the question is how can we protect brothers who do not go to Vietnam from going to jail? That's the only question we have to face in our community today. So that when one brother says, "Hell No!", enough people in that community around him that if they did dare come in, they're going to face maximum damage in their community...[applause]...maximum damage. We are talking about survival. [tape skip][We are talking about a people?] whose entire culture, whose entire history, whose entire way of life have been destroyed. We're talking about a people who have produced in this year a warrior--a generation of warriors--who are going to restore to our people the humanity and the love we have for each other. [applause] That's what we're talking about today...that's what we're talking about today. We are talking about becoming the executioners of our executioners. For example, you should give a lot of money to that defense fund, because while some of that money going to go for their courts thing, the rest of the money's going to go for the executioners, so that if they execute Huey, the final execution rests in our hands... [applause]...our our hands. It is simply a question of a people that control everything: they make us fight; they make us steal; they judge us; they put us in prison; the parole us; they send us out; they pick us up again. Where, in God's name, do we exercise any sense of dignity in this country? [applause] Where!? Where!? Where!? Where!? What, in God's name, do we control, except the Church, whose ideology is based to be compatible with this sytem which is against us? Where, in God's name, do we exercise any control as a people whose ancestors were the proudest people that walked the face of this earth? Where? [applause]Where? Where, do I ask you, where, everywhere he's gone he controls our people. In South Africa he steals the gold from our people. In the West Indies, he steals the materials from our people. In South America, where he scattered our people, he's raping us blind. In America he rapes us. In Nova Scotia [tape skip] [rapes us?] [How in] God's name are we going to find a piece of earth that belongs to us so we can restore our humanity? Where are we going to find it, unless this generation begins to organize to fight for it...[applause] fight for it!...fight for it! Where? And if this generation begins to fight, there can be no disruptive elements in our community. There can be none; we will tolerate none. We will tolerate none. There will be no disruptions. Anyone who fights for their people, we put our life on the lines for them. [applause]

Huey Newton fought for our people. Whether or not Huey Newton becomes freed depends upon black people...nobody else...nobody else. Other people may help, but the final decision of brother Huey depends upon us! He didn't lay down his life for other people, he LAID IT DOWN FOR US![applause]...for US! And if he did that, we must be willing to do the same, not only for him, but for the generation that's going to follow us. [applause] Consciously we must understand [about] organizing every element of our community. That work must begin. That means that people must be willing to give money to an organizer who's willing to spend 24 hours a day organizing. He cannot organize from the Poverty Program, because they tell him what to do. [tape skips]...He can do anything...for the black people.[applause]...of black people. That means that people have to consciously give money for their people. MUST! We have to run all the exploiters out of our communities by any means necessary...[applause]...any means necessary. You ask yourself, if you were white, why would you want to be a cop in a black ghetto today when you know they looking for you? Why, if you weren't sick in the mind and felt you were so superior that you had the right to rule them? Why would you want a lousy $5000 a year job when you white and you can make it in this society? Why would you want the job as a cop if you weren't sick? Tell me: would you want to be in their community if they were ready to off you for $4000, $5000, $6000 a year? We have to understand the politics of those honkys in our community. They are there to patrol and to control. That is all. We are going to do the patrolling; we are going to do the controlling. We are building a concept of peoplehood. We do not care about honkys. But if in building that concept of peoplehood, the honkys get in our way, they they GOT TO GO! There is no question about it!...[applause]...there is no question about it! There's no question about it! We are not concerned with their way of life, we are concerned with our people. We want to give our people the dignity and the humanity that we know as our people. And if they get in our way, they goin' be offed...they goin' be offed. [applause] We're not concerned with their system, let them have it. We want our way of life, and we're going to get it. We're going to get it or nobody's going to have any peace on this earth...[applause] peace on this earth.

Now then finally before I sit down, let me say two things. I want to read a statement that brother Huey P. Newton wrote yesterday when I saw him in jail. You have to understand this statement. He says: "As the racist police escalate the war in our communities against black people, we reserve the right to self-defense and maximum retaliation." [applause] All of the things we spoke about tonight centered around brother Huey P. Newton, because all of the things we spoke about tonight exemplifies what he was trying to do. Now, we have to understand something. It is no need for us to go to jail today for what we say. They did that to brother Malcolm X: they just offed him for what he was saying. We have to progress as a race. Brother Huey may or may not have wiped out that honky, but at least it shows a progression. At least we're not getting offed for it [we say?], we're trying to get offed for what we do. Understand this concept! [applause] Understand this concept! When they offed brother Malcolm, we did nothing. If they off brother Huey, we GOT to retaliate!...[applause]...we GOT to retaliate!...we GOT to retaliate!...we GOT to retaliate!...GOT to retaliate! Do you think that any other race of people will let them off somebody, and the rest of them sit down? Where, in God's name, would you find a race of people like that? We have lost, in the last five years, some of our best leaders: Lumumba, Malcolm X...they offed brotherKwame Nkrumah, and we do NOTHING! [applause] We do NOTHING! While they're offing our leaders they take our youth and send them to Vietnam, send them to Korea. We are slowly getting wiped out. We must retaliate. We must fight for our humanity. It is our humanity that is at stake. It is not a question of dollars and cents. We going to survive because we have survived what they couldn't survive through. That's a natural born fact! We have survived. We survived through slavery; we survived through their jive Reconstruction; we survived through World War I; we survived through the Depression; we survived through World War II; we survived after World War II when they threw us out of the jobs in the North; we survived [during?] the Korean war; we going survive. We going survive, ain't no doubt about that in my mind, no doubt at all...[applause] doubt at all.

We will survive. Our problem is to develop an undying love for our undying love for our people. We must be willing to give our talents, our sweat, our blood, even our life for our people. Nothing else! Not this country, OUR people! OUR people! [applause] We must develop the concept that every Negro is a potential black man. You do not alienate your potential allies. Let's bring our people home! [applause] Let's bring our people home! We must understand the concept that for us, the question of community is not geography, it is the question of US: black people, wherever we are. So we have to consciously become a part of the 900 million black people that are separated over this world. We were separated by [tape skip][the white man?]... We are blood of the same blood and flesh of the same flesh. We do not know who is our sister, who is our brother, or where we came from. They took us from Africa and the put thousands of miles of water between us. But they forgot: blood is thicker than water. We coming together! [applause] We coming together! Blood is thicker than water. Blood is thicker than water. We are an African people with an African ideology. We are wandering in the United States. We are going to build a concept of peoplehood in this country or there will be no country...[applause]...or there will be no country.

As I end, brothers and sisters, brother Huey P. Newton belongs to us. He is flesh of our flesh, he is blood of our blood. He may be Mrs. Newton's baby; he's our brother... [applause]...he's our brother. We do not have to talk about what we're going to do. If we're consciously preparing and consciously willing to back those who prepare. All we say: brother Huey will be set free, OR ELSE. [applause]