Sunday, 3 June 2012



Anonymous said...

Why have the Houla Massacre in inverted commas? As the brother said, even the Syrian government admitted it took place! Think you just fell into an imperialist trap there...

Sukant Chandan said...

There WAS a massacre of children, and I think all indicators point to the nato mercenaries in Syria who have carried this out (Mariana Coreggia has talked about this amongst others).

The imperialist trap not to fall for is their lies, manipulation and deceit to justify regime change blitzing.

Anonymous said...

Brother Sukant…. i know it's easy for me to post this comment from the sidelines…. however… if you could try and maintain more 'calm' whilst making your points… it would be even more effective.

I hope i didn't offend you by the above comment… and that you can take it as 'constructive' criticism. If i have, i apologize.

The Syrian regime.. is not squeaky clean at all. However, one has to ask … 'qui bono'… whenever an 'event' takes place in this day and age… and that's one way of 'wading' through all the BS that's out there.

There are very few 'independent' regimes today. Syria is one of them (again, i reiterate that i don't support all of Bashar's actions at all!) …however... this has been orchestrated to 'spill over' into Lebanon … and then the 'final frontier'… Iran.

May the Lord protect all the oppressed around the world!

Sukant Chandan said...

No, not at all. thanks for the friendly criticism.

Half of people tell me its better when I am more calm, the other hald love it when I get fired up. So bit of this and bit of that.