Thursday, 7 June 2012


This was sent to me by a friend. Excellent letter addressed to an executive director of the charity - save the children. What can one say? A charity called 'Save the Children' advocating a nato bombing against Syrian men, women, elderly and children. Shows you the white power structure's real moral position towards humanity.  - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Dear Justin Forsyth

I have learnt with utter dismay of your recent petition to intervene (I assume militarily) in Syria to protect children from the regular Syrian Army, which the Western media refer to, for propaganda effect, as Assad forces.  I believe this call is ostensibly, in response to allegations - this is what they are at this time, similar to those proven to be a lie that Colonel Gaddafi, who led his country from being a poor country, with average indices for an African country, when he came into power in a bloodless coup 42 years ago, to a high income one, with a higher per capita than UK & infant mortality rates equivalent to Europe's, was bombing his own people.

I am particularly disturbed that a charity of international repute, would enter into the fray of high politics and serve as a mouth piece for aggressive Euro - American policies, seeking the overthrow of the legitimate leadership of Syria, in order to better control the Middle- East.  These same countries who wish to protect infants in Syria, on whose behalf you've made your call, murdered 33 toddlers in Zlitan, Libya in 1 bombing episode alone, slaughtered 9 children gathering firewood in Afghanistan, killed countless children in Pakistan and starved to death (in some sort of satanic irony) an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children, as sanctions against Saddam Hussein!!  An estimated 60,000 people died in the NATO led intervention in Libya.  Neither is the history of these nations one of high morality & altruism, to which they so tenaciously pretend but one of sustained bloodbaths in Africa, Asia, Middle- East, Australia and Polynesia.

Having followed the truth of the Libyan intervention closely and found the media to be nothing but compulsive obsessive liars, I am shocked that you would so easily jeopardize your good work by being so overtly political in favour of rebels, armed by UK, who have refused to participate in voting for a new constitution & reforms, to ensure a peaceful settlement.  Instead, egged on by Hilary Clinton, who has deliberately and cynically dismissed these reforms, the rebels continue to terrorize whole neighbourhoods, target, civilians, military & law enforcement agencies and now have known Al Qaeda terrorists from Libya & environs in their midst.

Please do not allow your organization to be used to help whip up a mob mentality to justify war and aggression, against a country that has no history of deliberately killing children.  This is not a time for your organizations such as yours, to act as missionaries of old, who helped subdue natives to the colonial will.  It is for you to remain neutral and exert energies to provide physical assistance where possible.  Far more children are dying of preventable diseases daily than in the Syrian conflict, please continue to concentrate on this.   Clearly your petition is manipulated sentiment, NATO countries wish to present to the UN, in order to remove Assad, a long term agenda of the USA, kindly do not oblige and withdraw or clarify this petition.
Thank you

Ms Funmi Ade

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sal said...

Sister Fumi.
Bless you for writing Bashar Jafari said after the recent well timed false flag murder by savages fully armed and supported by west - a tsunami of we witnessed during the great rape of Libya these so called humane organisations were complicit in crimes by cheering on the lies.Russian sattelites data showed no civilians were bombed by Gaddafi.
Truth is a rare commodity and lies has many friends.what a double faced world.
We must expose these criminals with nice names to hide behind.rename them perhaps'savagely kill the children international'.sounds realistic.