Monday, 11 June 2012


Channel 4 News journalist Alex Thomson has upset the nato apple cart in relation to Syria by stating in the press that the nato mercenaries ('rebels') in Syria deliberately led him into a fire fight so as to endanger his life and possible kill him in order to assist their campaign for further nato support and ideally a good old fashion imperialist bombing. Keep in mind that Channel 4 News is one of the worst pro-empire news channels in britain, and is a particular favourite amongst 'white man's burden' type of liberals. But Thomson, unlike the rest of his on-camera colleagues, does not seem to share the same degree of empire-liberal conceit. Perhaps this is in part due to his experience in Libya. He is also known for shutting up mark regev, a nasty little fool passing as a spokesperson for white supremacist israel.

Alex Thomson was also in Tripoli, Libya just after it fell to nato and their mercenaries ('rebels') there too. The reason I raise this is that Thomson himself witnesses the persecution of black people there by the rebels (see the video below). It is clear from this report that the black brothers in the video would have been lynched by these Arab white supremacists.

Channel 4 News, like every other empire-liberal media outlet, has been championing regime change on the part of nato, but some credit has to be given to Thomson for having stepped out of this paradigm, if only for a moment.

His comment,  "dead journos are bad for Damascus," is a very important one for anti-imperialists and those who believe in peace and independence for the Global South, as it points to the central media strategies of the Syrian rebels: to create a media sensation by hook or by crook so as to justify their own terrorism against the Syrian people, and in order to push along nato to conduct their own terror against Syria.

One hopes that Thomsons' experience and comments will raise peoples understanding as to the fact that what is taking place in Syria, like that in Libya, is a battle between on the one hand the forces of imperialism allied with saudi Arabia and other Gulf monarchies, and on the other hand the forces of independence for the Gobal South led by Russia and China.

Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

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