Friday, 25 April 2008


Who's right about China?
By Dan Glazebrook

To many in the "liberal" journalistic community in
the West, the answer to both the above questions would
apparently be obvious - enemy of both. These people are
currently climbing over each other to prove their
"commitment to human rights" in such a way that will, quite
coincidentally of course, please their powerful paymasters
in London, Washington and New York.

To many of the world's poor and oppressed masses, however,
the answer would be diametrically opposite - to them, China
represents an alternative model of development to the US/
European IMF/ World Bank-run systematic looting and rape of
their countries - which, through debt bondage and
"Structural Adjustment" economic genocide, imposes
unemployment and malnutrition on generation after
generation, ultimately resulting in the deaths of almost a
million infants every single month throughout the
capitalist world. Chinese trade deals are being taken up by
country after country across the third world, from Latin
America to Africa. In the eyes of the above mentioned
liberal journalists, no doubt, these deals are the result
of "corruption", wilfully oblivious as they are to the
endemic corruption which accompanies every single major
British contract abroad - and which is not even illegal
under British law. Ask an African, however, and they will
tell you that the real reason these Chinese contracts are
being accepted is, quite simply, because the dazzingly
generous terms show up any contracts offered by the West
for the stingy and exploitative shackles they really are.
The Western world's joke "Make Poverty History" campaign,
which changed nothing about the neocolonial trading,
production and finance relationships that starve and
brutalise the majority of the planet, represents the end of
Western governments' pretence to care about poverty, which
has now, apparently, been "made history" by the unholy
trinity of Bush, Blair and Bono. Meanwhile, utterly
unreported in the all the current China-bashing hysteria,
China has lifted 300 MILLION people out of poverty since
the mid-80s.

To the world's poor also, China represents a political
alternative to the countries of the warmongering NATO
alliance, which have imposed unimaginable misery on
milllions upon millions in the Third World since the second
world war, from Vietnam (3 million dead) to Korea (4
million dead) to Colombia, Grenada, Nicaragua, Guatemala,
Malaya, Kenya, Indonesia (1.5 million dead), and especially
in the last ten years, in Afghanistan and Iraq (1 million
dead from the war, 1.5 million dead as a result of UN
sanctions), as well as countless other countries. Such are
some of the crimes of US and European imperialism. Such are
the crimes China has consistently opposed. Africans know
China not through their exploitation, bombing raids and
concentration camps, as they know Europe and the US, but
through their doctors, engineers, and, historically,
massive financial support for their liberation movements.

The media are missing no opportunity to divert people from
the hideous crimes of the West, by stirring up any and
every issue they can find to slander the Chinese. From
Darfur to Tibet to Burma to even Global Warming (despite
the fact that China is building the world's first ever
eco-city in Dongtan Arup, and despite the fact that the
Chinese themselves consume a tiny proportion of what their
factories churn out), every police baton charge is analysed
and discussed from every possible angle, whilst at the same
time we have grown numb to the daily carnage in liberated
Iraq - 50 dead here, another 100 there.

Could it just be that the overwhelming majority of the
world's poor and oppressed are right about China, and about
the real source of their own oppression, and the
full-bellied 'elite' British journalists are - once again -

Dan Glazebrook writes for the Morning Star newspaper and is
one of the co-ordinators for the British branch of the
International Union of Parliamentarians for Palestine.
He can be contacted at

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