Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Remember last year when the western war of direct aggression against Syria was sabotaged by Syrian Arab Army - Hizbullah - Iranian - Russian steadfastness? Remember the reaction in the west to such a war was "I do not want to go to war to support Al Qaeda in Syria", many with usa army and navy people holding those signs? Well, read the basic change of the neo-colonialists: they knew they were exposed as supporting 'Al Qaeda' in Syria by that war, now they tricked people into thinking they against 'Al Qaeda'/'Isis' in Syria, and the masses are now on board for the war. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm

Monday, 29 September 2014


Comrade Gerry MacLochlainn, former Irish POW in english jails, could not attend the event GAZA AND THE PALESTINIAN REVOLUTION due to family illness, but sent this message to us:

"As an Irish Republican I want to send my greetings to you as you gather in London to consider Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution. I am sorry that because of a family emergency I am unable to be with you in person but my solidarity is extended to you my sisters and brothers as you partake in this historic and important event.

Today we cannot fail to think of the dreadful suffering inflicted on our Palestinian brothers and sisters in the latest Zionist invasion and aggression against the people of Gaza. The scenes we had to witness during this latest aggression reminded me of the day the borders opened after the so-called “Pillar of Defence” and I stood on the ruins of the Dalou family home as we were told that the emergency teams had just found and recovered another body from 45 feet underground in the ruins.

Horrible though these massacres are in their scale we cannot forget that the reality of the Occupation is that day in day out Palestinians are subject to vicious reprisals, evictions, and confiscation of land and property in the rest of Palestine and we must never let up on our struggle to support the Palestinian people’s fight for freedom and self-determination. I can assure you all here and I send this message to the people of Gaza and Palestine as a whole that the people of Ireland stand with Palestine.

As Irish Republicans gain more political strength and alongside other progressive people we will ensure that our Government as the government of a country that had to fight long and hard for our freedom, that our Government will take its place in the vanguard of a diplomatic and political campaign to isolate the Occupation and help the Palestinian people achieve national self-determination and bring about a peaceful future in the region.

As we look at Gaza we cannot fail to acknowledge the courage and steadfastness of the people as they faced the most brutal and vicious campaign of slaughter imaginable. We must also pay tribute to and express our solidarity with the heroic Palestinian Resistance who acted in sharp contrast to the indiscriminate murder gangs of the IDF and demonstrated that Palestine would not go quietly into that dark night.

I want to conclude by promising my continued support for Palestine which I have been committed to my whole life.. Even in the dark days of 1981 during the Hunger Strike as I sat in Wormwood Scrubs Gaol as an Irish POW I was lifted by the sight of the mothers of Gaza standing in solidarity with our hunger strikes. I vowed that day that I would stand by your sons and daughters for ever more.

Palestine – you are my country too as is any oppressed nation but you are special to me. I have said in Gaza that one day I want to walk through Al Quds with my friends from Gaza and to join them in prayer at Aqsa, in the capital of a free Palestine.



Egyptian FM: Turkish Government’s support to terrorism in Syria, Libya and Iraq


Egyptian Foreign Ministry condemned the Turkish President Reccep Tayyip Erdogan’s statements during his speech at the World Economic Forum as a “continuation of the series of lies which the Turkish President is repeating on the situations in Egypt.”

In a statement on Monday, the Ministry said that the Turkish President’s meddling in the internal affairs of other countries and his support to the terrorist organizations whether  through political support or through financing and harboring the terrorists aims at spreading chaos and damaging the interests of the peoples of the region, particularly in Libya, Syria and in Iraq and that behavior should not be condoned.

The statement added “Those following up the interior affairs of Turkey during the past recent years could infer that Erdogan, who claims that he is the sponsor of democracy and the defender of the so-called revolutions of Arab Spring, has nothing to do with the real democracy and he is not in a situation that allows him to preach.”

The Ministry also called upon the international community and the UN to take firm stance in this regard.

Egypt condemns Erdogan's 'lies and exaggerations' about El-Sisi 

Turkey's president speaks out against Egypt's leader for the second time in a week - drawing sharp response from foreign ministry

Ahram Online

Egypt's foreign ministry has condemned another round of attacks by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the country's democratic transition following last year's political upheaval, calling the accusations a "series of lies and exaggerations."
In a statement posted on the ministry's Facebook page early Monday, Egypt said that Erdogan is not in a position that allows him to "give lessons to others" about democracy and respect of human rights.

"Followers of Turkey's internal politics throughout the last 12 years will conclude that Erdogan – who claims to be defending democracy and the Arab Spring revolutions – has a record that is quite far from real democracy," the statement said.

In his speech at a World Economic Forum meeting in Istanbul on Sunday, Erdogan indirectly attacked Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi – the second time in a week that the Turkish president has taken aim at Egypt's leader.

"Unfortunately, we see that in one country where the will of the people manifested itself, those who were elected with 52 percent of the vote are toppled by one of the ministers of the cabinet," Erdogan said.

El-Sisi, who was defence minister at the time of Morsi's ouster, agreed with other political and religious figures to remove the Islamist president from office amid mass protests against his turbulent one-year rule.

"That coup is accepted and legitimised by the rest of the world, including countries which are governed with democracy," claimed the Turkish president.

Cairo hit back at the comments, however, insisting that Erdogan, Ankara's ex-premier, has shifted Turkey's political system from a presidential to a parliamentary one and changed the constitution in order to "stay in power for another 10 years."

"This cannot be described as democratic behaviour," asserted the statement, while also calling attention to Erdogan's "imposed restrictions on freedom of speech and assembly" as well as "excessive use of force" against political activists and peaceful protesters.

The statement also touched on "discrimination against Kurds" in Turkey and Erdogan's alleged interference in the judiciary, events that the ministry says have also been discussed by international organisations like the European Union.

It also accused Erdogan of supporting terrorist movements to "spread chaos and harm the interests of the people" in the Middle East, pointing to what it said were "Turkey's direct connections with movements in Libya, Syria and Iraq."

The ministry called on the international community and the United Nations to take action over such a "threat to international peace and security."

The statement concluded by stressing the "historical and blood ties" between the people of Egypt and Turkey, adding that the current feud is solely with Turkey's current government.

Last week, Erdogan used his speech at the United Nation's 69th General Assembly in New York to question El-Sisi's democratic credibility and presence at the gathering of world leaders.

"Is the UN the place where people who plot coups speak? Or is it a platform where democratically elected people speak? Or is it a place where people from autocratic regimes speak?" said the ex-leader of Turkey's ruling Islamist Justice and Development Party.

"If everybody comes to speak, then it's another story. But I don't like to be in the same picture where people come to power through anti-democratic means," Erdogan concluded.

Relations between Egypt and Turkey have deteriorated since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi following last year's 30 June protests.

The Turkish leader has emerged as one of the fiercest critics of Morsi's overthrow, repeatedly slamming it as a "coup" and criticising the world's "inaction" towards the Egyptian government's crackdown on Islamists in which hundreds have been killed and thousands jailed.

However, Erdogan's recent comments have driven the two countries – historically linked for centuries – further apart.

Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shouky cancelled a bilateral meeting that the ministry said had been requested by Turkey to discuss the strained relations – while an advisor to the Turkish president denied that the countries' leaders were planning to meet at all.

In an interview with the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper, Shoukry said that Erdogan's statements proved that Turkey supports the Muslim Brotherhood, from which Morsi hails, and shows his readiness to host members of the Islamic group – officially declared last December a terrorist organisation by Egyptian authorities.

The United Arab Emirates also took Erdogan to task for his speech. A statement posted on the UAE's foreign ministry's website called his UN speech a "direct and blatant" intervention in Egypt's internal affairs.

The UAE – a close ally and major financial backer of El-Sisi's government – said that Erdogan exploited the platform at the UN for an "unacceptable" attack on legitimacy in Egypt.

For his part, El-Sisi avoided direct engagement with Erdogan's comments.

Speaking with a local media delegation on his New York trip, the Egyptian president said he would not "reply to those who offend [him]," taking into account his country's interests.



At the event GAZA AND THE PALESTINIAN REVOLUTION yesterday, a little bit of history was made with the living revolutionary legend Leila Khaled speaking after 12 years in this country, since 2002 she has been barred entry into the 'uk'. She spoke via live internet link, and electrified the room with her disciplined revolutionary mind and analysis and charisma. A real honour and privilege to have our Comrade, our Commandante Leila in conversation with us.

There was close to 100 people in the room, and some insightful and righteous contributions including from Sami Ramdani, Brother Omawale, Malia Bouattia, Saeb Shaath, Carlos Martinez, Marcel Cartier, George Shire, Abdal Aziz, Gerry MacLochlainn, Sami Ramadani, Shadia Mansour (live from the West Bank), Fouad Shaat and our brave, courageous comrade Ghada Najjar live from Gaza and sister Louisa Maynard reciting two of Mahmoud Darwish's poems - The Scream and The Embrace. So many brilliant things were said and discussed, the professionally shot and audio recorded youtube clip will be up within a week.

Particularly brilliant was the analysis on the 'usa imperialist made terrorism' (Leila Khaled) that is ravaging the region, and the role of Syria. The Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform that organised the event stress UNITY of all actual GlobalSouth anti neo-colonial forces, and unity of their loyalists in the west, and that was demonstrated at this event, with Pan-African, Libyan, Irish, Zimbabwean, Palestinian, Iraqi revolutionaries standing together as one against a common enemy. This work towards this Unity seldom few are doing in this country, and we urge people to come together to develop this, our only real basic strategical weapon in our struggle. If we cannot take up these tasks, who will? No one. The conceptual analysis of UNITY of all our forces and building that is the hardest thing Humans can pursue in this world dominated by neo-colonialism.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who ensured the event was organised nearly seamlessly,  Many thanks to brother Mohammad Hamza / Intifada Street for the event artwork. While it's a shame that some in london failed to turn up it was great to have seen so many people travel from Bristol, Ireland(!), Brussels(!), Cambridge and Frome (Sheila Coombes) for the event. The Tricontinental is organising further events, details of which are shortly going up. Let's continue to gather in the big tent and pursue our path in contributing humbly to the Liberation of ALL our peoples. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Like the lies and media manipulation on Libya Feb 2011, we have a similar media set up which is taking most people onside on the current western bombing of Iraq and Syria. Only this time, unlike when the head choppers were promoted openly by the west in Libya, today they are still promoted but COVERTLY (ie., secretly) while publicly they make out they are against them. "Opposition to UK air strikes in Iraq ... has been dimmed by the scale of Isis atrocities – including the gruesome beheadings of western hostages – that have helped forge a reluctant but unusually large groundswell of support for military action." (guardian sat 27 Sept 2014).

We have no anti-war protests of only a few hundred, and I doubt it will get much better than that as even amongst those few hundred, loads will be rather happy when the this strategy reveals itself for what it is: preparing the ground for the total destruction of the Syrian govt and society a la Libya.

Says anti war leader Lindsey German in the same article: "But our argument is that Isis are at least partly a product of the action we have taken in the past, and the action that is being contemplated will not resolve the problem,".

She means the british govt, but she and the leadership of stop the war also helped to bring these death squads to life as they were championing them as 'freedom fighters' until only some months ago. Lesson is: dont believe lies, dont fall for the 'west's lies and manipulations, and support our Homelands and leadership and masses who been fighting the direct and indirect (terrorism) wars of neo-colonialism. - Sukant Chandan, Sons of Malcolm


Party must embrace Mao spirit to survive, Xi Jinping quoted as saying

Party papers shed new light on leader's views about the importance of 'Great Helmsman'


President Xi Jinping has reiterated the close relationship between the party's survival and upholding Mao Zedong thought, according to newly released documents collected since the party's 18th congress in November 2012.

Xi has urged party members to embrace of the "spirit" of Mao - a guiding party doctrine including class struggle and constant revolution to ensure the party's survival - prompting analysts to say he might turn out as autocratic as the "Great Helmsman".

In a study course chaired by Xi on January 5 last year, on the topic of maintaining and developing China's special form of socialism, Xi stressed that an evaluation of Mao was "not just a theoretical issue, but a political question for China and the international community".

In the collection, published recently, Xi also cites Deng Xiaoping's affirmation of Mao's contribution to the party's development, saying China would fall into chaos if it "totally repudiates Mao thought".

"Just imagine how our party could be tenable if we abandoned [the spirit] of Comrade Mao Zedong. Our socialistic system ... the whole country would fall into chaos", the president was quoted as saying in one of the eight articles, which have been made public for the first time.

In his speech, according to the article, Xi also called on senior cadres to learn the lessons of the collapse of the former Soviet Union, one of the main ones being that "almost all party members [in the USSR] gave up their ideological thinking".

Hong Kong-based political commentator Johnny Lau Yui-siu said it was contradictory for Xi to promote Deng and Mao.

"Deng is remembered for his pragmatic style, while Mao launched the Cultural Revolution and a series of violent and political struggles from the 1950s to the 1970s, which still leave painful memories for the Chinese people," Lau said. "It might make people worry whether Xi will be as dictatorial as Mao, even though he abides by Deng's legacy of economic reform."

Professor Jean-Philippe Beja, a senior researcher at the French Centre for Studies on Modern and Contemporary China in Hong Kong, said China's ideological campaigns had shifted towards the left since Xi came to power nearly two years ago.

"All of Xi's slogans, including 'catching big tigers' and 'taking the mass line' that have emerged from the ongoing nationwide anti-graft campaign, originate from Mao," Beja said, adding that he was worried that China would further restrain political reform and human rights.

"Xi's political advisers have just adopted old thinking and violent, rough measures to deal with today's complicated social and political problems arising from the economic development of the past three decades."

In the new collection of documents, Xi also requests cadres to report changes in their personal lives, including divorce, remarriage, and whether they have sent all their family overseas.

"We will not leave the party in a good position if we discover such information on the internet, then have to rush to confirm with them later," Xi was quoted as saying at a meeting in January.

He also criticised party officials who had built up special personal relationships, or guanxi, for personal benefit.

"We shouldn't turn the relationship between party leaders and subordinates into the feudal monarch-minister style," one article quotes Xi as saying. This also violates Mao's thinking, he adds.

Xi's reiteration of Mao's thinking indicated that he would emulate Mao's vigorous style to sweep away corruption on the mainland to win public support, Lau said.

"Xi is the second party chief after Jiang Zemin to stress that the party would be overturned if it failed to rein in corrupt officials," he said. "Jiang failed, but Xi hopes promoting Mao will help him push the anti-graft campaign forward."